Jun 052011

I love sunny days, especially beautiful afternoons when I have a chance to go on a sexy picnic with my Sweetie. Yesterday was Joel’s birthday, so Harold took all the children to the beach while Joel and I ran away to the treehouse. I think it was our best date ever.

Window to the soulWe talked a bunch, just laying together and letting go of our tensions. It’s my way of getting in sync. It helps so much. Otherwise, a bunch of stuff falls through the cracks or small issues become big resentments. We must have time to be ourselves together. I love being poly, but it just takes a lot of communication. Today I was in tears as we talked about what we do for each other. For example, Joel makes me feel like I can do anything. I know he will support me in my ventures. Knowing that he will be there to catch me makes me more willing to risk failure. It’s nice to be reminded of all of the sweetness in our life together.

In restraintsAll of this romantic talk (and seeing the leather restraints) started getting Joel all turned on. He took off our clothes. He sat me down, spread my legs, and started licking. His tongue pressed hard against my clit. When I started getting close to coming, he slipped his fingers inside me, pressing against my g-spot. I rocked against him as the orgasm washed over me.

We laid blankets out in the dappled sunshine. I looked up at the blue sky, overlaid with green leaves dancing in the wind as Joel put the restraints on my arms and thighs. That done, he slowly pushed his cock into my cunt. He fucked me slowly. The lovely sensation of a hard cock sliding in and out of my body put me in an open frame of mind. I watched the shadows form and reform above me. I felt the energy build between us. But he stopped just short of coming and flipped me over.

He readjusted the restraints, buckling them cruelly hard. I was face down, ass in the air, legs spread, arms bound. He entered me again and grabbed hold of my hands. He used my hands like reigns, pulling me back against his cock with each thrust. He was so deep inside me that it started to hurt, but it also felt good. Sometimes it’s delicious to get fucked so hard that it aches.

Face-down restraintI felt Joel get close to orgasm again and I thought that he might stop again, but he didn’t. He kept plunging into me until I didn’t think I could take it any more. He came with a bellow so loud that I was wondering if the neighbors could hear miles away. They would look up from their yard work and think, that is the sound of a man in ecstasy. I wanted to hug him, so I wiggled out of the arm restraints. We had that moment of connection when everything is thrown open to each other. It’s my favorite part of sex.

Then we spread out our picnic – rosemary bread, hummus, feta in olive oil, kalmata olives, grape tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, apples, vinegar potato chips, pastries, and Perrier. It felt so decadent to lie naked in the sunlight, still glowing with sex, and nibble on yummy things. It’s pure joy being relaxed enough to just experience life with all of my senses.

Lemon meringue We lounged around for a while before regular stressors started oozing into awareness again. Joel’s allergies were driving him crazy and we were out of tissues. One child was on a playdate that was wearing thin and could we please come pick him up? Joel was falling asleep and I started feeling anxious. We decided to head back home, but I had to give myself one last orgasm first.

It wasn’t a big deal. I just used a little vibrator on myself, but it was one of those times when I can come and come and come. I enjoy lingering on that edge of orgasm, crossing over again and again until I feel sated. Joel laid right next to me shuddering with my orgasms. It was the perfect ending to a perfect picnic.