Jun 142011

Harold and Evoë, by JoelI spent this afternoon sweating and talking with the two people I am closest to in the whole world (besides my children). They are both my partners, my loves, my mates, my friends. And while it seems like that should mean that they are close to each other, that isn’t always true. I feel very lucky that they happen to care about each other as well. The date that we had today was something I was hoping for for a long time. It took some planning and scheduling to get all three of us alone together for 5 hours. Usually Joel and Harold are ships passing in the night.

Evoë, by JoelA few days ago I started to panic about this date. What if we all fought? What if I was in a bad way and couldn’t feel close to anyone? Then this morning I suddenly kicked into fantasy mode. I was alone in bed drinking coffee and I started thinking about how hot it is to watch two guys make out. It could be my two guys! I thought about how much we all love each other. I imagined getting fucked by both of them at the same time…

Double penetration is such a great fantasy. We’ve made love before where I was giving Harold a blow job while Joel fucked me. That’s fabulous, but I want to push my boundaries. I want a cock in my cunt and a cock in my ass. I want us to all fuck together. While I was trying to figure out the best way to do that logistically, I turned to Wikipedia, of course. They have a fabulous entry on sexual positions. I examined it thoroughly for ideas. The date started looking promising.

Evoë getting an enema, by JoelI made my DP fantasies known to both men. They seemed open to the idea. I thought about it and decided that if we were going to be doing some extensive anal play, we ought to do enemas. I don’t have any problem with a little shit, but I wanted our play to be clean and with a minimal amount of fuss. I get very concerned with hygiene and I wanted to be as safe as possible.

The thing to know here is that I’m phobic about anal play. I’ve had anal sex before, but in general, I can’t even poop if someone else is in the room. I’ve enjoyed being fucked in the ass, but often it feels weird and unpleasant to have a finger in there. I’m a bit hung up, so my suggesting enemas was a little surprising. We trooped upstairs and Harold gave me the enema while Joel took pictures. They decided I should be cuffed first to make it easier to take. The Harold did his own enema just in case we wanted to go there (Joel made it clear that we should not go near his ass). I did it. It was even erotic in its way. I even eliminated in front of them both.

Beautiful menWe all went down to the cabin. It was cold so we spent some time cuddling while it warmed up. We talked and talked and talked. We touched and kissed. Joel and Harold told each other how much they loved each other. Harold went down on Joel, but spent more time talking than sucking. Someone put their fingers inside me and someone licked my clitoris and someone pinched or licked my nipples. It’s all a beautiful blur.

And at some point, I had my double penetration. We found that it works best to enter the asshole first and then to penetrate vaginally. It feels amazing. Not only for me I think. The wall between the vagina and the rectum is very thin. It felt like we were all three fucking together. A true three-way fuck where everyone’s genitals are involved. We liked it so much that the boys switched holes to try it the other way. And then some straight ass-fucking (can I say that?). Total bliss.

Harold and Evoë fucking, by JoelSadly, none of us orgasmed like this, though we came close. I took care of myself, with Harold’s hands helping and Joel taking pictures. Then I strung up Harold and beat his balls and Joel lay on the floor under us and took pictures. Then Harold fucked me hard and still Joel took pictures. We’ve been saying that we need a photographer. It was both cool and weird to be doing our thing with Joel and the camera right in the middle.

The whole experience was just incredible. I love both of these men so much. And I can see that they truly love each other. They may not be “in love” but they share a life together and care so much. And they both love me, more than I ever hoped for. It’s a fantasy come true.