Jun 302011

I’ve tried out a wide variety of water based lubes. You can read my original reviews here and here. But things sometimes change with further exploration. Now that I’ve played around with what works best for me, I’ve come to realize that one lubricant is not enough. I never used to use lube at all! I’m amused to see that I’m using 3 different lubes, for different purposes.

These are my current lubes of choice:

Sliquid Sassy Booty Formula

Sliquid Sassy BootyWe’ve been using Sassy pretty extensively for months and I’m impressed with it. It doesn’t have a scent or taste. It cleans up easily, yet has excellent slip. My delicate system has never reacted to this lube, and although I originally thought that Harold might find it stingy, we haven’t had any problems since. As the name suggests, Sassy Booty was designed for anal play, and it works very well. I like that it’s a little bit thicker – I hate it when I pour lube into my hand and it runs between my fingers. Sassy Booty’s just a perfect lube for me. I use it for nearly all occasions. I just bought a big bottle (8.5 ounces) for only $13 online, so I’m happy with the price.

Pink H2O

Pink H2O packetsSometimes I need my lube to be more portable. Perhaps I want to carry some in my purse along with condoms and gloves to be ready for any event without the any messy spills, or take some on a backpacking trip, or keep some in the glove box for spontaneous car sex. Life is unpredictable and I try to be prepared so that the wild moments are pleasant. For these times, I use single-sized packets of Pink H2O. It’s runnier than Sassy and gets a bit tacky with friction, but it doesn’t taste bad or smell funny. It does contain parabens, which some people are allergic to, but I tolerate it well. Most importantly, for an on-the-go lube, Pink cleans up nicely, absorbing into the skin. It even makes skin softer with it’s aloe vera! I found sample packets online for about $0.55 each. Totally worth it.

Hathor Aphrodisia lubricant pure

Hathor Aphrodisia lubricant pureI first reviewed this product in terms of myself. I am one of the few rare people that has a negative reaction to this lube (which makes me sad because I love the company) so I discounted the lube as a viable option. It turns out, Harold really liked Lubricant Pure! He likes the erection enhancing properties – kind of like a topical viagra. I will confess to enjoying his rock hard erections myself – just not as part of intercourse. So we’ve come to an accommodation that makes us both happy. We use this lube in a male masturbatory way, when we know that we aren’t going to want penetrative sex. Yes, that happens. Occasionally. There is an increasing market for jacking off lube. Harold and I tried out Boy Butter and 29 Whacks which are both on that end. And truthfully, Harold will likely be able to use Lubricant Pure with Melanie without any problems, and he can certainly use  it to beat off. My experience giving Harold a hand-job with Hathor Aphrodisia’s lube was that I could get him hard and bring him to orgasm two times in 2 hours – something I gather is unusual for most men in their 60’s. So Harold had no compunctions purchasing more of this lube directly off of their website for $28 for 8 ounces.

Those are my three top picks: Sassy Booty for all around goodness, Pink H2O for on-the-go, and Hathor Aphrodisia for ho-my-god hard hand-jobs. I had foolishly thought that one lube would fit all occasions, but this is so much more fun!