Jun 062011

Lube in the sunBack in April I posted a review of a bunch of water-based personal lubricants that I had experimented with in my quest for the perfect lube. Well, I’ve tried a few more since then and I want to give you an update. Remember my criteria? No glycerin, no parabens, no propylene glycol, no color, flavor, or scent. It should be tasteless, inexpensive, easily available, and stay slippery for a long time. Yes, I’m picky.

I’ve continued to use Sassy Booty, my favored lube from last time, and I still really like it. But you can’t blame a grrrl for trying out something new from time to time. Here are my findings:

Lube: Sliquid Organics Natural Gel
Average cost: $13 for 4.2 ounces
I like Sliquid. They make Sassy Booty. I wondered if their organic line would be even better. Sadly no. I used this for a hand job and it didn’t stand up to the friction. I only had a small sample packet of it and I would have needed a lot more lube for a smooth finish. I felt that this lube dried up way too fast and became tacky to the touch. On the plus side, it didn’t make me hurt and it tasted only slightly strange, but I expected the gel to do better.
Grade: C

Lube: Hathor Aphrodisia lubricant pure
Average cost: $18 for 4 ounces
I totally admit that I am biased toward making this my new favorite lube, in spite of the cost being on the high end. The company sent me a whole tube of this product for free when I asked for a sample. Unfortunately the tube was damaged somewhere between Canada and my home and it arrived a very sticky mess. So I had to wait until I could get more to review it. In the meantime, my correspondences with the company have been great. I’m impressed with them. (I even like their website with the weird sexy flower people.) I like that Hathor Aphrodisia is owned and run by women.
Again, I used this lube for a hand job. It contains herbal aphrodisiacs that are supposed to enhance an erection. I think that is really true – the erection I was working on seemed more impressive than usual. I thought that the lube had a bit of a flavor, but it wasn’t bad. I would prefer not it to have a taste at all, but it was okay. The slip was fantastic. It worked great with lots of pumping. It cleaned up well. The sad part is, my delicate bits stung like crazy with this product. For hours.
Lubricant Pure contains propylene glycol. I was hoping that it would be different because it’s a kosher vegetable-based propylene glycol, not petroleum or animal derived. But it didn’t matter. My body was very unhappy. Which means that even though this is in all other respects a great lube, I can’t use it on myself.
Grade: C+

Lube: Astroglide Natural
Cost:  $12 for 2.5 ounces
Astroglide is so mainstream that I didn’t expect it to be good. I was surprised. It doesn’t have any of the ingredients on my “no” list. It doesn’t taste like anything. It didn’t make me sting at all. It might have felt warm with toy use, but I’m not sure if that was a reaction with the lube or the toy. In any event, I did not experience irritation with this product. My only complaint is that it dries up too quickly. It does reactivate with moisture, but that gets old fast. I didn’t try it with anal, but I suspect that it wouldn’t work very well. If this were cheap, I might think that this would be a good general lube to have around, but I’m put off by the price.
Grade: B-

I guess I’m going to keep using Sassy Booty for the time being. And Pink H2O is still my runner up. But I’m keeping my eye on Hathor Aphrodisia. I suspect they’ll come up with something wonderful.

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  • Clayshaper

    I am so totally pleased to see you do those kinds of reviews… whenever I go ‘shopping’ for lube, I am BAFFLED by the huge range, and how many different types of ingrediants- then I revert to KY and hate it. :P …so far the other awesome one (only suitable for some things, IMHO) are those pure 100% cocoa butter sticks you can buy at the drugstore… apply and let melt a bit against skin… and whoot! works awesomely for backdoor sex and for toys that have a condom- remembering oil breaks down plastic and latex… so not good for birth control/std control condom use… I suspect non-latex condoms would be safe but I am not too sure about the cocoa butter on the vaginal area- might not be as healthy, maybe wash after. I dunno. YOU decide. ;) We luvs our cocoa butter sticks.. JUST enough friction is preserved to really do a good job of stimulation.

  • Mellta

    Mellta here from Hathor Aphrodisia…….99% of folks find the Horny Goat Weed in our lubricant pure tingly warm and soothing but unfortunately every now and then someone has a reaction and feels stinging…..so sorry Evoe……even the most natural substances can cause allergic reactions in some people. The propylene glycol is plant cellulose….very gentle and expensive to produce….we use the best ingredients and this is reflected in the price.  
    Thanks for giving us a good review any way Evoe!
    Best Wishes,

  • http://WholeSexLife.com Evoe Thorne

    We’ve actually been playing around more with the Hathor Aphrodisia lubricant pure – not when it would touch my vagina, but for hand jobs on my partners. I have to say that it’s pretty amazing. The Horny Goat Weed works miracles. My partner’s erections have been greatly enhanced. We are so sold that we just bought more. It’s incredible stuff!

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