Jun 242011

Hathor Aphrodisia Exotic Love OilImagine yourself lying in a patch of sunlight, a light breeze caressing your naked skin. Your lover pours warm oil onto your back. Strong hands rub the oil into your flesh, gently at first, then more firmly to work the kinks out of your muscles. The oil warms your skin, spreading a delightful scent, like trees and spice. You are suspended in a state of bliss, at one with your partner and the universe. This joyful experience is Hathor Aphrodisia’s Exotic Love Oil.

I actually had that experience on a beautiful date with Harold. He used the Exotic Love Oil on me and then I used it on him. I’m in love with Love Oil. And in love with Harold for giving me such an awesome massage. I just let go and floated in a nice smelling, relaxed place. I really like how Exotic Love Oil is warm on the skin and heats up with rubbing. Even my sensitive skin seemed happy with the Love Oil’s formula!

Massage in the sunWhen it was my turn to use the oil on Harold, I was impressed by the slip. Hathor Aphrodisia has found that perfect balance between having a long lasting glide and absorbing into the skin easily. Bravo! I enjoyed the silky feel of the Exotic Love Oil so much, that I coated my breasts and tummy and slid across Harold’s back and shoulders over and over. What a marvelous feeling! Hathor Aphrodisia’s website says that this product has been used in spa treatments for toning and firming the breasts. I would happily receive daily breast massages with Exotic Love Oil. You know, for science.

Evoë giving Harold a massageFurther exploration of the Love Oil lead me to believe that it also works as a bug repellant. After our mutual outdoor massage, Harold and I walked naked through the forest, surrounded by clouds of mosquitos. We discovered that we received very few bites, and none where the oil had been. Super bonus. I also found out that Love Oil is non-staining on natural fibers after my toddler poured some on the rug. This also gave me the opportunity to realize that the scent of the oil stays pleasant for many days. Thankfully.

A boi and his dogHathor Aphrodisia’s website also suggested that Exotic Love Oil could be used for bath and body oil. I think I’m going to try it in the bath tub now!

Bottom line: Another great product from a fabulous company. I don’t normally like massage oils, but I think I will keep this one on hand.

Grade: A