Jun 232011

Outdoor bondageI’m easily impressed when it comes to male genitalia. I don’t have a cock of my own. Well, actually I do, but it’s more of an accessory than a live cock with balls. I love my two-way, but sometimes I just want to play with real thing. Since I am sans cock-n-balls, I have to borrow someone else’s to explore. Have you ever watched a scrotum up close? They move. Scrotums move in a freaky ocean creature kind of way, like a sea anemone. It’s so cool.

I really get off on watching cocks get hard too. How amazing is that? They go from soft and floppy to rock hard and bouncing. It’s incredibly awesome. I like being an intimate part of that process. I like using my mouth, but hands are even better because I can watch everything change. I want to see the veins bulge and the head flush. Lately, I want to slap that hard cock around. Right now, only Harold reacts positively in any way to my slaps, and he doesn’t like it that much. That’s why I have to tie him up first.

Putting on the parachuteThat’s what happened. I tied him between two trees and got him hard. I didn’t think it would work because he’d just come, but somehow he wasn’t impaired. In fact, he rose to the occasion with great enthusiasm. And then I slapped his cock over and over. He groaned and tried to squirm away. I think he likes it.

Then came the best part. He was wearing a parachute around his balls – kind of like a leather cone with strings hanging down. When he was good and ready, I attached weights to the parachute, pulling his scrotum down. The whole system is designed to put a great deal of pressure on the balls. We used 6 kilograms of weight – that’s about 13.2 pounds. Awesome! I’ve been fantasizing about this for 20 years.

13.2 pounds on the scrotumThis seems like a lot of weight, but it’s nothing compared to the guys who are really into it. Some men can suspend crazy amounts of weight from their balls. It isn’t something I want to do on a regular basis, but it’s pretty interesting. I watched Harold’s scrotum slowly stretch out. He’s told me that it’s difficult to stay hard or to orgasm after weights. That’s an argument for making this an occasional activity.

That said, we didn’t have any troubles. He stayed hard and he came – for the 2nd time in two hours. I’m feeling very proud of myself and my mad skills. And I’m proud of my Honey and his cock-n-ball prowess!