Jul 102011
David Steinberg, by Evoë Thorne

David Steinberg, by Evoë Thorne

Back in May, Harold and I volunteered to be models for an erotic photography workshop. They were looking for a couple who would be comfortable having sex in front of a room full of people, while being photographed. The instructor and professional photographer was David Steinberg. Sure, no problem, right?

Actually, it was okay. There were about 30 people in the room, but I just created a bubble for me and Harold to exist in. At first I was slightly aware of flashing my pussy at people and David and his camera being in our space. By then I had built up trust with David. We had talked on the phone a couple of times and met in person for a while before the day of the workshop. He seemed unassuming, thoughtful, warm, interested, professional, and playful. I liked David instantly upon meeting him, so I felt good about letting him be in our bubble for the workshop. After a few minutes of making love, I didn’t notice David or anyone other than Harold.

It was fun. Some part of me did know that people were watching, but rather than feeling like I had to perform, I let their energy fuel my sex. Yes, I am an exhibitionist. No, it wasn’t exactly like the ways we make love when we’re alone. For one thing, we tend to talk a lot more. I think it would have been better to have had loud music playing. It would have given me enough of a cover of privacy to feel more intimate with Harold. But it was still incredibly hot fucking on display.

I learned a lot and I met several cool people. David’s workshop on erotic couples photography was great. David’s philosophy about people and sex is very similar to mine – catching people when they are authentically in a sexual space is very sexy and endlessly interesting. No matter what people’s bodies look like or how old they are, I find images of real people who are turned on and in love to be hotter than traditional porn. Real sex is riveting. I hope I’m doing my part to further that cause.

Evoë Thorne, by David Steinberg

Evoë Thorne, by David Steinberg

A few days later, David came out to Harold’s house and shot us again. This time it was just the two of us in our natural habitat, the way that David usually works. Our energy was more relaxed. I had just had surgery and the Seattle Art Festival weekend had worn me out. If I remember correctly, I had some emotional stuff up as well, but Harold and I are just good together. We did some CBT and bondage, a lot of oral sex, and a bit of fucking. We’re into each other and it shows.

David gave us proofs of both shoots. I’ve spent hours pouring over them. I think they are amazing. I love David’s perspective – his way of being in just the right place and capturing an authentic moment. I have my favorite 30 pics to share with you. You should know that I’ve cropped some of them and the two that are sepia toned were originally color that David forgot he had in his camera. Any mistakes there are mine.

I hope that you enjoy this glimpse into our intimacy. (It’s worth it to make Cool Iris full screen to browse the photos!)

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These photos are so authentic, so real. I look at them and think about how much I love it when Harold looks at me like that or kisses me just so. I know what my body looks like, but I am amazed at how beautiful I look in spirit – like I’m actually inhabiting my body. I think that’s more true for the workshop than at home. I was higher energy. What surprised me was the number of images, from both shoots, in which I am touching Harold’s face in some way. I didn’t know that I did that!

I want to tell you which photos are my favorites, but I start picking them all. I’m so glad that we had a chance to work with David. Now we have this photo story of where and who we are as a couple right now. And it gave us a chance to get to know David. He’s a great guy. I consider him a friend. Although I don’t know him very well, we have been intimate together. Harold and I opened up to David and let him record our private selves. And he respected that in every way. Thank you, David Steinberg, for a beautiful experience and such beautiful photos.

David is always looking for couples to shoot. He doesn’t charge a fee, as long as he can use your photos for art shows and magazine publication. He gave us proof copies of all of our photos and digital copies. If you think you might be interested in experiencing an erotic photo shoot with David, here is his contact information:

David Steinberg
831-234-1073 (cell)

  • Hardin Reddy

    Great photos, and the sex looks great too!

  • Hardin Reddy

    Great photos, and the sex looks like it was just as pleasurable.

  • Jdummy08

    I think everyone should aspire to have a relationship this intimate.

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