Jul 142011

Evoë at Elliott Bay Sauna & Hot Tub CompanyI was feeling slutty. I had gotten myself off in the shower. Then Harold and I found ourselves fucking suddenly and somewhat spontaneously, probably inappropriately considering that it was less than an hour before my date with Joel. (Ah, polyamory!) Considering that I didn’t orgasm, our messing around merely fueled my desire. I felt like a teenager with a pocket full of condoms. I wanted to go on a date with Joel that fit my mood – and held at least a chance of fucking. In my 16-year-old sex-crazed frame of mind, I recalled what I did on dates when I was 16 and wanted to have sex – I went to the hourly hot tub place. So the internet gave me Elliott Bay Sauna & Hot Tub Company in Federal Way, WA. Perfect. Awesome.

It was about a 45 minute drive for us, during which we talked and caught up with each other. We found the hot tub place and then chose a nearby restaurant for dinner. The other diners all stared at me in my short, tight, leopard print skirt and low-cut shirt. Yes, I’m a slut, and I’m going to fuck this man. Then we were off to soak!

Short leopard print skirtElliott Bay is open 7 days a week from 11:00 a.m. to midnight. They don’t take reservations, but it wasn’t any problem on a weeknight. I admit that I was a little nervous about cleanliness. I can’t be the only person going there to have sex. Walking into the building, I was hit with the strong aroma of chlorine. Talking to the man behind the desk, he said that they’ve been there for 28 years, so they must be doing something right. He explained that their hot tubs are continuously cycling water through, so every 5 to 10 minutes the water in the tub is completely replaced with fresh. It’s a cool system. They also do a complete empty and clean several times a week.

The bathrooms are on the way down the hall – no bathrooms in the private rooms. Our private Jacuzzi suite included a smallish wooden tub, a shower, a bed, and a sauna. There was also a DMX music system with 115 channels. The door had two locks. And the room is soundproofed for privacy, which is a good thing.

Giving head in Elliott Bay's hot tubWe quickly got naked, picked out music, and slipped into the hot tub. I really love a hot soak. I fantasize about water like this. It was total foreplay for me. I like to feel the jets on my flesh. I so much needed to sink down into the warmth and feel close to my husband. Still, that horny part of me looked at the clock half-way through our time and despaired of seducing my boy. Then he got out and sat on the edge of the tub.

I was quick to go and wrap my arms around him. After a moment, he guided my head down – a clear indication that a blow job is desired! I was happy to comply. And happy to comply a few minutes later when he wanted to go down on me. Now, I know that it’s not good to have sex in the water – that it washes away all of the natural lubrication and causes much friction – but sometimes I just have to do it anyway. I like the way that the water affects motion. Water both muffles and transmits each movement. Water makes me feel protected and relaxed. Unfortunately, sex starts to get uncomfortable pretty quickly and a certain amount of tension tends to be good for coming. I bent over the edge of the tub.

Joel fucked me from behind, peaking quickly. I was afraid that he might give the soundproofing a trial, but he was restrained in his vocalizing for once. Actually, I kinda like it when he shouts. It make me feel like I’ve done a good job. This time he was tender to me, like the water had relaxed him too. We slid back into the water, holding each other for a moment.

Evoë in Elliott Bay's hot tubThen Joel got overheated and laid on the bed. I had the whole tub to myself. We talked more. I basked. But I still hadn’t come. I had sex with 3 people in one day (Myself, Harold, Joel) and only had one orgasm. I could have done something about that and gotten Joel to help, but somehow I was too relaxed to care. I showered and dried off in the sauna. When we left I felt much lighter, kind of like a weight had been removed from my chest.

If you are in the Seattle area, I would totally recommend checking out Elliot Bay Sauna & Hot Tub. It’s $14.50 per person per hour before 5:00 and & 18.50 per person after 5:00. You can add time in half hour increments for $7.00 per person. It was a lovely place for a date, but I could also see spending some time in the tub and sauna for meditation and some self-love. The man at the desk said that he’s had as many as 6 people at a time in one room, so you could also have an orgy I suppose. It might get crowded.

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    Thanks for this. Answered my one question, how many people can be in one room..

    My wife wants to try swinger lifestyle but wants to start off just watching a couple have sex. Which it’s hard to do; find a couple that isn’t only interested in full swap.