Jul 222011

Cal Exotics Inked Glass probeIt just sounds kinky – Inked Glass probe. I’ve wanted a glass dildo for a while, so I was excited when California Exotics sent me a unique, hand blown,  Inked Glass probe. It’s totally smooth and seamless and retails for around $29. I think probe means, “smallish dildo.” It’s only 6 inches long. It’s cute, but that’s fine – I have a glass dildo.

Of course the first thing I did when I opened the package was drop it on the floor. I felt like an idiot for dropping the glass dildo first thing, but it was fine! I picked it up and looked it over. When they say Inked Glass, it’s because they’ve put tattoo inspired images on the thing. Now, normally I would be into that, some hearts and bluebirds would be cool, but they’ve chosen some weird designs. Yes, there is a heart. But there’s also an anchor and a big honkin’ cross. And orange is the predominate color. I am shallow enough to want my sex toys to color coordinate and nothing in my tool box is orange. Just sayin.’

Color clashing aside, I’ve had some good times with this toy. Harold slid it into my cunt and had me stand there keeping it inside. Sort of like doing super kegels with the heavy glass. The weight felt awesome in my body. It was totally hot. Well, actually, the probe was very cold until my body warmed it. I would recommend running the probe under warm water for a few minutes before use.

Cal Exotics Inked Glass probeI also stuck the probe into Harold’s ass. I think it was designed for this purpose! The narrow shaft of the dildo was just right after my fingers and before my strap-on. He had the probe in for a long time while I did things to his balls. It didn’t slip out much, although it did mostly have to be held in place. The broad flared base kept the probe from getting sucked into his ass and the cock-like head stimulated Harold’s prostate. It also looked awesome with the clear glass!

I’ve added this toy to my toolbox because I think we’ll be able to come up with more fun things to do with a glass probe. I think my only real complaint is the artwork etched on it. Although, if I think about it, I don’t mind shoving a heart, an anchor, and a cross up Harold’s back door. Inked Glass, for the ass. Does that make me a bad person?

Bottom line: The retail price is low for a useful and effective toy. Go for it.

Grade: B+

  • Betsyfoxy

    I love mine, it’s got spiral ridges going around it that feel great. It transfers vibes really well too.

  • Betsyfoxy

    I love mine, it’s got spiral ridges going around it that feel great. It transfers vibes really well too.

  • Clayshaper

    Ooooh. That looks FUN!  I might note that those silly little acrylic ‘wands’ they used to sell at kids toy shops, with mineral oil and glitter inside them are also… FUN. The longer the safer, and some are smooth while others have spirals up and down them…  I would love to see that kind of thing done in real lexan and/or glass. >:)

  • Mattie

    I like the glass one we have, it’s kinda shaped like a “C” and has 2 different sized studded balls (one on each end). The shape and texture makes it easy to hang onto even with lots of lube.