Aug 242011

njoy Fun WandWhere beauty and function meet, you’ll find good design. Njoy seems to live at that junction, making gorgeous toys that are versatile and effective at pleasuring the body. The Fun Wand is a prime example of their genius. Many people have reviewed njoy’s products, but I have to share my glee at finally owning one!

My Fun Wand came all nestled in a velvety contoured case – very elegant and swanky. But my toddler found it, dismantled the box, and hid the toy. We searched for a whole day. I offered a reward of $10 to any child who successfully found Momma’s shiny silver wand. I finally found my precious new toy snuggled into a washcloth on top of the drier, covered by a drier sheet blankie. I wept.

Since then, I have gotten to test my Fun Wand on several occasions. I totally love it. I adore how it looks and how easy it is to clean. I like the weight of the wand (12 ounces) and the length (8 inches). The curve is pleasant in my hand and makes reaching out-of-the-way places easier.

njoy Fun WandBoth ends of the Fun Wand work well on Harold’s end. I covered the bulbous tip with lube and slid it in. I moved it around it bit, looking for that sweet spot – the prostate. I could tell when I found it because Harold groaned. I rubbed his cock a few times and drops of come beaded at the tip. The wand doesn’t stay in place by itself very well, so I don’t think I could insert it and move on to other torments. It’s not a butt plug, it’s an active toy.

The other spot this wand is good for is the g-spot. I will mention that the Fun Wand is really fucking cold if you don’t warm it first. It’s a great tool for sensation play. But when we used it I was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t bother to run it under warm water so I was full of flinching. My g-spot can be difficult to reach with fingers. Fun Wand hit it just right. What worked best for me was to use a kind of rocking motion that pushed hard toward my pelvic bone. Harold took care of that for me and I operated the vibrator. Sadly, I did not use lube. I didn’t think that I needed to because I was pretty wet. I think I should have though because when I came incredibly hard it felt kind of bad. I think a combination of lube and less pressure on my g-spot will yield better results. I need to remember that Fun Wand is hard and unyielding.

njoy Fun WandThe Fun Wand is aptly named. I’m certainly having fun exploring all of the ways it can be used. And wand makes me think of both magic and majesty – also qualities that I believe are beneficial to my sex life. Actually, I don’t think the Fun Wand is limited to my sex life. It has spent time in my briefcase. I don’t mind if it sits out in my living room because it isn’t obviously a sex toy. As I mentioned earlier, it has been a little dolly to put to bed. And it makes a truly excellent elephant trunk. If you’re into that.

Bottom line: This is a sex tool made of WIN.

Grade: A