Aug 132011

All sex, no runningToday, instead of going jogging, I seduced my partner. This is what I get for deciding that running is a part of my sex life. It’s just that I got bored waiting for my child to be finished with the eye doctor. I started thinking sexy thoughts. I called my husband to tell him that I was lusting after him, but I won’t see him until tomorrow. I thought about sex all the way to meeting Harold for running, and I showed up in his office all on fire and ready for action.

I wanted rough sex – slamming into walls, nails raking flesh, wrestling for dominance, bites and slaps… I explained it all to Harold, straddling him in his desk chair. I could feel his interest. We kissed with some serious intent. My tongue thrust into his mouth, claiming him, making us both wild with desire. I held him by hair and throat. His fingers dug into my breasts, ass, hips. Here was my rough sex – open need speaking to open need.

We stood up, somehow thinking that we would go somewhere and maybe fuck, but we didn’t get far. My back was to him. His clothes seemed to disappear. He pulled my pants clean off. We kept hurting each other in delicious ways. I pressed his balls between my fingers, he pinched my nipples. Our hands and mouths were everywhere at once. We were suspended in tension and arousal, inflamed by the immediacy of our need. I take you NOW. I struggled out of my running shoes and I found myself totally naked, bent over, with Harold’s cock in my cunt. Perfect. He griped my hips, pulling me toward him with each thrust. I braced myself against a chair and the desk. I stared at our feet and the filing cabinets.

It was totally hot. I loved the physical struggle between us, the animal energy. I could feel that he enjoyed it too. He warned me that he was going to come and I laughed. Please come, please come, please! When the energy is working I want it to keep going to the natural climax. It feels so good. I like the raw spontaneous sex. And he came for a very long time, giving me time to catch up.

After we stopped shivering, I led Harold to the couch, where I sat on his lap. I looked into his face and had one of those rare moments when I catch a glimpse of the real person behind his eyes. I always feel like, oh, there you are! How often do you catch your lover in a totally unguarded moment? It’s a rare jewel. I treasure that glimpse and the transition from rough sex to gentle intimacy. Once I’ve claimed him physically, he’s mine, body and soul.

So maybe I should have gone running, but it’s hard to regret the seduction, some hot, hot sex, and a pure moment.

  • Hardin Reddy

    You’ll have more moments for running than moments when the sex is just perfect, so have no regrets.