Aug 112011

Sex in the morningHarold gets up early every morning in order to work. This morning he slid into bed on my side and snuggled up to me. It’s such a nice feeling, his body firm and strong behind me, his breath in my hair, his fingers on my skin – all warmth and safety. It’s one of the little moments that lets me know that I am blessed. I like to drift in that place of sleepy contentment.

I didn’t plan for us to have sex. I just liked feeling close. In fact, I had to roll over and kiss Harold. Then I asked him to roll over so I could spoon against him. My hands couldn’t get enough. I needed to feel him. I gripped his ass. My hand slipped inside his underwear. I cupped his balls and his cock, which began to stiffen in my hand. I began to stroke and it got harder. It’s nice to just go with the flow of the moment.

Harold’s hand came around to rub at my clit. I ground my pelvis against him and rubbed his cock harder. Before I knew it, Harold’s shorts had disappeared and my panties were wrapped around one ankle. He poised above me whispering, “should I go down on you?” I shook my head and pulled him to me. I was just barely turned on enough for penetration. Normally, I would want more warm up, but there was something so wonderfully clandestine about fucking like this. I just wanted him inside me.

He drove into me and I rose to meet him. We moved together, tightly wrapped around each other, making quietly intense noises. Wouldn’t want to wake the children! Our energy built until we suddenly passed a point at which I knew neither of us were likely to come. He seemed to know it too because we quietly slowed and then stilled. We held each other with him still inside me.

It’s difficult to explain how good that felt. It wasn’t about orgasms, it was about intimacy. There was a kind of deep stillness to that exchange – few words, just unspoken love and physical connection. I’m grateful for the simple things.

After that, I fished my panties up and figured out how to put them back on. Harold kissed me and went off to work. I drifted back into sleep, blissful and gratified, with just a slight edge of wanting more. The wanting is infinite, I always want to be closer to him – under his skin, in his head. But for today, I have a kind of armor, the knowledge that we have this undercover bond, the power of sex in the morning.

  • Hardin Reddy

    I love starting every morning like this . . . sliding behind and spooning my lover as she wakes, then cradling her in my arms with my cock still inside her.  It is about intimacy as well as lust.

  • Hardin Reddy

    How I enjoy beginning every day . . . being inside a lover, intimacy being goal enough.