Aug 182011

I went into Babeland in Seattle this morning to see what’s new. Money is tight, so I was window shopping. It was all I could do to not spend money. So many good things! And I have to say that Babeland has the best customer service of any place I’ve ever been. It’s like having a guided tour of the best sex toys on the market. I can ask all of my questions and get informed, articulate answers. I love this! Oh, I am sooooo wanty. It’s worse than needy. Let me tell you about the things I want…



Perhaps the coolest vibrator ever, Ola by M!nna, is available exclusively at Babeland until September 15th. This brilliant toy lets you design your own vibration pattern – just press on the soft pad and Ola will follow your rhythm. It will even vary the intensity based on the amount of pressure you exert. Using the controls on this vibrator is totally intuitive and infinitely variable. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I suspect that Ola will be more responsive than most lovers. It can be used externally or internally. It’s waterproof. It’s rechargeable. The materials feel good to the touch. I think it might be perfect and I can’t wait to try it out.



Another vibrator I’m longing for is We Vibe’s Tango. The Tango is small and powerful, about the size and shape of  lipstick, with an angled tip I can just imagine would feel inspiring against my clit. It’s very small and discrete and doesn’t scream sex. I could see carrying it in my purse for those moments when I wish I was properly equipped. I wouldn’t even be embarrassed if it accidentally slipped out of my purse, say, at the bank. Tango only takes 90 minutes to charge, then goes for two hours. It’s waterproof, so it could live in the shower for those rare alone moments. Tango really is a lot of power packed into a small package. It has a bunch of different vibration patterns. I love the rockin’ purple color and I’m curious about how that smooth, hard surface is gonna feel!

Pfun Plug

Pfun Plug

Now that I’m fired up to do more anal play, I want an njoy Pfun Plug. It looks amazing! It’s really weighty, all stainless steel. I couldn’t believe how heavy it felt in my hand. It seems as though the Pfun Plug would insert easily and stay put. I like the handle and the fact that it would sit nicely between your buns. This particular plug is supposed to be good for prostate stimulation, which is awesome. I really want something I can fill Harold with while I do other things to him. Pfun Plug is just so pretty. I covet this sexy, shiny toy.

Another thing I want to do more of is watch good porn. Visiting Babeland today reminded me that I’ve been wanting to check out the Crash Pad Series for a while. While I’ve heard that Crash Pad is very good, the important thing is to fuel my Jiz Lee crush. I look forward to watching them and enjoying some well executed queer porn. I came *this close* to buying Vol. 6 of the Crash Pad Series today. But I’m a good grrrl. Wait, don’t good grrrls deserve porn? I should get to order it, right?

There were so many other things that I liked as well. My favorite lube, Sliquid Sassy, is now available in single use size!!! I saw the new RodeoH Harness, which makes me very excited because my pair should be in the mail right now. I can’t wait to try them out! I looked at the packers. I checked out all of the condoms. I saw vibrators shaped like fruit. In short, I had a good time.

I think being wanty is good for me. It helps me build character. Besides, to be honest, I already spent $75 on an innovative vibrator this week. (Check out Crave’s Duet!) How many vibrators does a grrrl need?

That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.

  • Naamah

    I wiiiiiiish I lived near a Babeland!

    I have one of the nJoy Pure plugs, in medium, and it is one of my absolute favorite toys.  It’s fun going in, gives good stretch, and once it’s in it stays put like nothing else I’ve ever tried.  It’s not so great for warmup, because the neck is so narrow, but it’s nice and weighty, and the big head is nice tugging against the muscle.  It’s gooooooood.

    So yeah, I highly recommend their toys.  I totally want one of each.

  • Evoë Thorne

    Yes! I want one of each njoy toys!!!

  • Evoe Thorne

    Yes! I totally want one of each of the njoy toys!!!