Sep 182011

EvoëAs much as I like spending time in bed, I’m not good at staying in bed all day doing nothing. I’ve been sick. The combination of a cold, allergies, and an asthma flare-up have me a bit breathless. In bed all day and breathless is fantastic for sex, but not so great when I’m not feeling well. It’s hard to even think clearly. Thankfully, I have some nice things to think about, building interest for later…

Like Joel and me going to a nice Jazz Club for dinner. We went to Boxley’s in North Bend, WA a few nights ago, at the recommendation of our friend, Girl in Jet City. Wow! I was really impressed by the caliber of the live music for it being in such a small town. According to Boxley’s website, they were voted one of the 150 best jazz clubs in the world by Downbeat Magazine. I love jazz! The music started shortly after Joel and I were seated. I just filled with joy. Joel was less enthusiastic. We have very different tastes. Joel listens to country music. He even goes to Walmart to buy it. I would never give Walmart my patronage. Joel drinks Coke Zero. I tend to drink Perrier or water with lemon. Joel plays computer games. My hobbies tend toward sex toys and conquering the world. Yet somehow, we are good together. And we ended up having a lovely dinner, listening to very good jazz.

And before I got sick, Harold and I did a day-hike pilgrimage to Goldmyer Hot Springs, which I wrote about a few months ago here. We walked a total of 11 miles and spent 3 hours soaking in the hot springs. It was deeply healing emotionally and spiritually. I cannot stress enough how magical this place is. And Harold and I took the opportunity to leave the trail and find a little hollow in the woods where we made love. We discovered that hiking shoes make for pretty intense ball kicking! There is something very sweet about lying down on the forest floor with my lover, canopies of green above us, the air fresh and clean, and life all around.

Masturbating in the forestUnfortunately, I started to not feel well as we finished our hike, and it expanded into full melt-down by the time we got home. It has made for a week of disinterest in sex. It’s hard to kiss or go down on my guys when I can’t breath. I’m not really in my body when I don’t feel good. I briefly considered masturbating on my evening alone, but couldn’t summon the energy or interest to make that happen. I’ve just been in bed feeling blah. In fact, I think I just tried to exchange my husband’s promise of oral sex for his attention to the housework. Really? Is help with housework better than oral sex? It is right now, but thankfully, he says I can have both!

I am getting better. Steroids are helping me breath better and the mucus has receded. I’m taking care of my body. I’m resting, which is really hard for me! Both of my partners had erotic dreams last night, and somehow I feel like that’s helping to hold the space for me. I can think happy thoughts, recuperate, and all of that lust will be accruing interest for when I’m well again. I can’t wait!