Sep 052011

All oiled upI miss having a girlfriend. It’s been a year since I went to visit Erika in Hawaii. I haven’t been intimate with anyone female in that year. It’s been longer still since I had a regular girlfriend. I keep thinking about what it felt like to kiss girls a few nights ago. It’s so different from kissing boys.

I really love kissing. Girls are so soft. And some of them bite! And girls have yummy curves that I want to run my hands all over. They have breasts and smooth skin. I like the way that most girls smell. And some girls have cunts. I miss being able to stick my whole hand inside someone. I miss the joy of bringing someone to orgasm over and over until they can’t stand it. I like feeling my breasts pressed against another set of breasts. I want to twine my fingers in her hair and pull. I want to massage her back and ass. I want to take sexy photos. I want a fucking girlfriend!

I just haven’t been in the best place to start a new relationship. I have so little time as it is. I have 5 children and two life partners. What do I have to offer a girl? I have an abundance of love. I also have a fair amount of All oiled updesire. I’m working through my emotional stuff. I’m actually pretty stable, but I’m coming out of a needy phase. Would I be a good grrrlfriend? I’m enthusiastic.

And how would I go about finding a girlfriend? Shop around on OKCupid? Start looking at my friends in a different light? I know a lot of attractive and wonderful people. It seems so much easier with boys. I can tell when boys are into me, but I have no idea with girls. When I was younger I just turned straight girls, but now I’ve gotten all careful and responsible. Maybe when I’m ready the right girl will appear and I will recognize her.

Is the time for a girlfriend soon? I’m full of longing. I kissed a girl.

  • loveofmystery

    Ohhh…good timing of your post. I just placed a w4w ad (pretty new to that but some experimentation ages ago) and am super excited. I am trying Craigs and changed the stats on my OKCupid. 

  • Sherry

    I’d be happy to vouch for your girl-kissability!  :-)

  • Hardin Reddy

    This has nothing to do with your post, but those are great photos of you.

  • SelkieGirl