Sep 242011

My Mini-Miracle Massager Pleasure KitCalifornia Exotics keeps sending me vibrators to try out and I haven’t been impressed. But this month they mailed me a My Mini-Miracle Massager Pleasure Kit. It’s a bright pink plug-in vibrator with 2 speeds and two attachments. It can stay.

The Mini-Miracle Massager (or MMM, for ease) is in the same class as the Hitachi Magic Wand and my personal favorite, the Wahl 7-in-1, but just not of the same caliber. MMM does have the power. The low setting is more than enough to get me off – high is just way too much for my sensitive bits, so it needs to be used with a layer or two of cloth between us. Still, MMM is not as powerful as Hitachi or Wahl. The motor started to overheat after 10 minutes. I can get off in the first 3 minutes, but then I like to skate around in that pleasure place and orgasm indefinitely. I think 10 minutes is not enough.

My Mini-Miracle Massager Pleasure Kit on the nippleI do like the attachments on the Mini-Miracle Massager. One is a round probe (hard, smooth plastic) and the other is a long tongue (textured flexible plastic). The attachments press on to a socket on the side of the head of the vibrator and stay in place well. The probe tip is fantastic for straight ahead massage. My husband worked the knots out of my shoulders with it. It also works well against the clitoris. But I was most excited by the tongue. I don’t have any other vibrator with a long flat surface like this. It felt great against my nipples and amazing along the length of my vulva. My only complaint is that the head of MMM is flexible, so it was hard for me to get the pressure that I wanted with the tongue attachment. If I did get pressure, the motor slowed.

My Mini-Miracle Massager Pleasure Kit controlsThe cord is 7 feet long, which is not too bad. Long enough to reach the bed, but not so long that I’m getting tangled in it. I like that it plugs into the base of the vibrator, so I can keep the cord plugged in but put the toy away. It allows for discreet storage with easy action potential.

My favorite feature of the Mini-Miracle Massager is the switch mechanism. It looks very vulvic. There’s a large oval with off, low, and high marked. Then there is a smaller, raised oval inside that slides up and down to switch speeds. And in the center of that is a small nub. It’s beautiful.

The rest of the design I’m unsure about. The handle is curved, presumably to make it easier to hold onto, but I think it still feels awkward. I mentioned that the head sits on a flexible neck. Well, with the attachments on the side of the head, MMM looks like a little guy or a duck. Now, I don’t mind having a little guy go down on me, but this whimsical idea is not necessarily what I’m looking for in a vibrator. My experience was that a lot of the vibration gets translated to the handle, my hand was tingly for 20 minutes. It’s also very loud. Not good if other people are around. Overall, the MMM is smaller than other plug-in vibrators on the market, and that can be a very good thing.

My Mini-Miracle Massager Pleasure Kit in useBasically though, I’m not giving up my Wahl. Compared to the Mini-Miracle Massager, it’s quieter, more powerful, sturdier, less expensive, and it has more attachments. But I am really loving the tongue attachment on the Mini-Miracle Massager. I guess it’s a good thing I can have them both!

Bottom line: Great little vibrator with a lot of power! Not a replacement for Hitachi or Wahl.

Grade: B+