Sep 202011

RodeoH dildo harnessFucking Harold in the ass is awesome. I loosen him up with a lot of lube and my fingers, then I fit just the head of my cock into his asshole. I love that moment when I’m poised above (or behind, or below) him, ready to slowly fill him – take him with my cock. It’s a moment full of desire and expectation. I like to look into his eyes so he knows how much I love him as I slide my cock into him.

Of course, I don’t have a cock of my own. I have to strap on. At first, I used a red leather harness and a silicone dildo. I adore the feel of the leather straps and the buckles, but I kept forgetting to put the harness on before I got lube all over my hands. (Slippery fun trying to fasten the buckles!) Sometimes, the harness felt awkward between us while we were fucking. I couldn’t feel Harold very well. And cleaning the leather took a lot of time. So we tried a two-way – basically, a strapless strap-on with one part that goes inside me to keep the cock in place. I love it. It’s easy to insert, easy to use, and easy to clean. I can feel more of what is going on between us. It even makes me orgasm. But if I get too excited, it falls out. Some positions don’t work very well. And sometimes I don’t want to have anything inside me. Moving around with the two-way inside me is uncomfortable. But what’s a grrrl to do?

Enter RodeoH. It’s a brilliant little harness brief with strength and style. Seriously, RodeoH looks like stylish brief-style underwear, with a built-in flexible ring in the front to slip your dildo into. It’s a fabulous idea! I’ve worn mine a few times and I’m very happy with RodeoH. Here are some of my high points…

The back of RodeoH dildo harnessLooks: Ok, it’s shallow, but I want to look good when I’m boning someone. RodeoH looks hot. I love the colors and the style. I think it’s the perfect blend of butch and femme for me. I feel hot wearing them.

Cost: At $45 RodeoH is the least expensive harness I’ve seen.

Accessories: My RodeoH’s came with a cute RodeoH dog-tag necklace (which I wore for three days then lost). How perfect is that? I’m totally imagining a culture in which these dog-tags are code for, “Why yes, I am ready to fuck you at a moment’s notice!” They also came in a little carrying bag. It’s a nice touch.

Comfort: I’ve worn these all day without any problems – just under my clothes like regular underwear. The fabric is soft and the leg openings are roomy. I usually wear thong underwear and I don’t tend to like briefs, but these are comfortable. I even slept all night in them without a problem. RodeoH’s are comfortable when in use with a dildo as well.

Here's my cockEase: I can’t believe how fantastically easy RodeoH is to use. Just pull out the waistband and insert a 5″ to 6″ dildo through the hole. Settle the base of the dildo against the pubic bone. Really easy. Clean up is easy too. I wash mine on delicate and hang them to dry.

Flexibility: Now I know how RodeoH gets its name. The design allows for a lot of flexibility. I feel like I could have rodeo sex, riding Harold around in any number of positions, while wearing these babies. Really, our creativity is the limit.

Preparedness: Like some super hero, I can wear this harness under my clothes and be prepared for any fucking emergency. This makes me happy.

Closeness: Perhaps the best thing about RodeoH’s are how close I feel to my partner. There is so little seperating us. I love that!

Of course, like anything, I did experience a few things that were less positive…

RodeoH harness with dildoBruising: Maybe it was the rodeo sex, but my pubic bone hurt for days after using RodeoH with a soft silicone dildo. There’s not really any way to adjust where the dildo sits.

Fit: My RodeoH’s are totally comfortable and fit properly, which is to say that they are a bit snug in order to have proper support for a dildo. My objection is a matter of aesthetics. They fit so snuggly that my fat bulges over the waistband. I hate to muffin-top. It made me feel less hot.

Cost: $45 is a great price for a harness but an expensive pair of underwear. I guess it depends on how you use it. If you are going to be wearing RodeoH fairly frequently, you probably want more than one pair. It would suck to be ready to get it on and then realize that your harness was in the wash.

Sensation: While I loved the flexibility in positioning that Rodeo allowed, I disliked not having as much sensation as I have with my two-way. I couldn’t feel Harold as well and I didn’t come.

RodeoH harness with dildoHygiene: What I totally failed to think about ahead of time was hygiene. I wore my RodeoH’s to my rendezvous with Harold, had wild butt sex, and then realized that I needed to remove the used dildo from my underwear. There’s really no way to do that without contamination and I didn’t want to keep wearing them after that. Just good to note.

Overall, I think that RodeoH rocks. I’m so happy that more women are designing awesome sex products. I can whole heartedly recommend RodeoH. It is available on their website or at Babeland!

Bottom line: I’m adding RodeoH to my toolbox, but I’m not giving up my two-way just yet.

Grade: A-

  • Transftfemme

    I’ve heard a lot about the RodeoH but I’ve always wondered – if you wanted to hard-pack with it, would you have to wear another pair of underwear over the top?  That seems a bit less than ideal.  If you were wearing it under your clothes and wanted to be ready to fuck at a moment’s notice, would you just have to carry your dildo in your purse/pocket/backpack?  

    Also – can I tell you how cool I think it is that women are reviewing sex toys?  I’ve been reading your blog for a little while and decided to start one of my own, to talk about some things that I don’t talk about elsewhere – but then I couldn’t think of anything to write about, so I started with a review of a toy I’d just gotten, then moved on to another one.  It’s very liberating to talk about these things, for some reason.  Thanks for setting such a great example!

  • Evoe Thorne

    Thank you for your comments! Are you ready to share the url of your website? Toy reviews are great. It’s a lot of fun to try out new things. 

    With the RodeoH – I think it might be difficult to hard pack with. It’s really designed for a smaller dildo without balls. I think I’ll probably try soft packing to see how that works, but if I’m going to wear them to be ready to fuck at a moment’s notice, I’ll have my cock in pocket!

    Have fun!

  • Anonymous

    I think I fingally got the reply to work correctly.  It should be linked to my wordpress blog now.  I’m still working out the “kinks” so to speak, but I’m having fun with it.  Thanks!

  • MistressDamiana

     Hello Miss Evoe!
    These are awesome! Why didn’t *I* think of that!?? lol!

    I have a happy little secret to share that will make life much easier when you’re
    trying to remove the cock without contaminating the breifs/harness.

    Personally, I always recommend wearing a condom over your toys, as it makes
    it so much easier to clean and toys that may have very small pits or cracks
    cannot catch bacteria which may destroy your toys.

    I usually use two to three condoms because who knows what I might want to do
    next? Like maybe remove the cock?

    If you have a condom or three over it, you can pull one condom off with gloved
    hands and there’s your dildo all clean and nice! I put the bottom condom over
    the entire thing, even over the base.

    This is the last protection, so I generally do NOT remove this one until scene/sex
    is over, and that’s why I use three. I do not really want to have to contaminate
    everything before we’re finished.

    I know that you’re in fluid bonded relationships, but this may be one area where
    latex is the problem solver. (I also never do any anal play without gloves, etc.)
    But that’s Me, YMMV. hehehe!

    I do hope that you’ll try it and that it helps!

    Hugs and smooches!