Sep 082011

Contemplating Wet For Her TwoI’m excited to begin reviewing sex toys and other items for Babeland! I’ve been so impressed with Babeland’s staff that it’s a pleasure to team up with them. So my first assignment? Review the most unique dildo I’ve ever seen – Two. Two was designed in France by a lesbian-oriented company, Wet For Her, and is basically an extension device that fits over two fingers. Imagine two large lavender silicone fingers making a come-hither motion at you and you begin to get the idea. It may look like a cartoon concept, but these fingers have potential!

The things I appreciate about this toy start with the packaging. There is nothing garish, obscene, or lewd – just a box with subtle colors and a beautiful erotic photograph depicting a woman with two of her fingers covering a nipple. There is very little information beyond that. I had kind of hoped for Ikea style drawn instructions showing what to do with Two, but I guess it’s pretty self explanatory. Just stick Two anywhere that you would put a couple of fingers.

I love the design of this sex toy. It purposefully does not resemble a cock in any way, on the premise that lesbians use fingers, not cocks. Why should their toys look like cocks? Personally, I’m happy that fingers are Wet For Her Twogetting their due as sex objects. I use my hands a lot when I make love. Two has a hollow opening for two fingers and then two inches of solid silicone. The only problem we ran into using Two is that neither of my guys could easily get their fingers all the way into the holes. It really is designed for a woman’s smaller hands. Harold finally used some water-based lube to get his fingers all the way in.

As a dildo, Wet For Her Two feels amazing! Harold applied lube and slid Two into my cunt. It was cold at first, but warmed quickly. Amazingly, it totally hit the spot that Harold’s fingers always almost touch, but rarely actually get to! It was more g-spot stimulation than I could handle and a lovely feeling of fullness. I had to have Harold pause for a few moments because it felt so intense. Then I orgasmed hard around Two.

From Harold’s perspective, it took a lot more leverage to push up against my g-spot with Two because of the added length. It translated to more forearm strain for him. He couldn’t tell what was going on inside me, where he normally goes by feel. He was able to detect the contractions of my orgasm, but he couldn’t sense anything else. He was worried about hitting the right spot without sensory information to guide him, but he needn’t have been concerned. Two feels just right in Harold’s hand!

Wet For Her TwoSadly, Wet For Her Two is not effective as a masturbatory tool. Not really. I can get it in, but I can’t get the right angle to achieve g-spot stimulation. I suppose if I get creative, I can rig something, but I usually want getting off to be quick and easy. The other problem with using it on myself if that my hand tends to block my clitoris, so I would be fighting to have both penetration and clit rubbing – my preferred method of coming. So I would say that Two is really a toy for partner use.

Experience says that any toy we use for g-spot can also be used for prostate stimulation. I haven’t tried it yet, but I can’t wait to get my Two up Harold’s ass. I bet it’s just as effective! Other than that, I cannot devise any other uses. Still, a great g-spot/p-spot tool is very valuable.

Wet For Her Two in useWet For Her Two is completely easy to care for. Soap and water works great for clean-up. It could even go in the dishwasher. I would feel comfortable both using Two in anal play and sharing Two with partners, knowing that I can sterilize the toy between uses. It doesn’t plug in or have batteries to worry about. It’s also fairly small compared to some toys. It’s nice having something that just slips into the bedside drawer or a travel bag.

Overall, I think Wet For Her Two is a winner. The novel design provides a means for low-tech, high impact g-spot stimulation in a manner that does not detract from your play. Two is, in all ways, easy to use. It may have been designed with women in mind, but it’s a toy that any couple can enjoy.

Bottom line: I’ve got a Two that says you’ll come.

Grade: B+