Sep 102011

FireAn element of danger can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Yesterday Harold and I wanted to test out some products for review. When we got to his house, there were firemen wanting to go out to the edge of his lookout to see if they could spot smoke from a reported fire. They weren’t able to see anything. Harold and I went down to his cabin with all of our gear. Helicopters started circling overhead, presumably also looking for the fire (or were they after us?). We walked naked through the woods, trying to figure out what the helicopters were doing and hoping to catch sight of smoke ourselves.

We couldn’t see anything or even smell smoke, so we went back to the cabin. The thrumming helicopter noise ceased after a bit. For some reason, I felt incredibly turned on. I really wanted to throw myself into fucking – I wanted all of my holes filled, my body handled roughly, my senses overwhelmed. I wanted to consume Harold – take him all in, cover him in me, hurt him in all the ways he likes, dominate him with my kiss. Outside the cabin was the potential for danger. Inside the cabin was a pure, raw need to confirm that we were alive. Sex is a confirmation of the joy of being embodied. This is why so many babies are conceived during disasters.

Peek-a-booI started using a vibrator on myself. Harold soon came to help, slipping his fingers inside my cunt and twisting my nipples. I was right on the edge of coming, but not quite there. I asked him to fill me with chain, which he did with the help of a lot of lube. It’s an amazing feeling, the weight of all that chain, the way it slides around. I came before he quite got to the end, Harold’s finger in my ass. We left the chain in place for a while. I focused on Harold’s cock and balls. As part of some research I’m doing for a potential feature for the blog, I filled a toilet paper tube with lube and slid it over Harold’s erection. It was obvious that he liked it, but it was not entirely satisfactory.

I tossed the cardboard tube on the floor and used my hand instead, sliding my hand up and down in the lube, paying special attention to the head and frenulum. He had me go very, very slowly when I really wanted to pump like mad. From there I moved to ass play. I stuck one finger in his asshole, then two. I rubbed his prostate and his cock at the same time. He moaned and panted, making me feel powerful. I got my strap-on and slid into him, his knees hooked over my shoulders. I love this moment in our play, when I am buried deep in his ass and I’m looking into his eyes and I gather him to me and we kiss. I felt so incredibly close to him. There is so much love between us.

Cock, balls, & pre-cumSometimes I physically orgasm from fucking Harold anally. Yesterday was not one of those times, but I did come energetically, twice. The energy built up as we were fucking and I reached a point where I could totally feel myself shooting a load into him. I felt completely the boy. It’s lovely.

We cleaned up a bit from the anal play. Sad to say, I used Windex on my hands. It’s great with lube. I wanted to make love at this point, but it didn’t feel quite right. We snuggled and talked for a while. We went back out into the forest to see what was going on because the helicopters had started up again. We talked more. We decided to go back and make love.

Harold started off with an amazing oral sex session, licking and sucking and pressing against my g-spot with his fingers until I came hard. Then we traded places and I applied my mouth to his cock and my hands to squeezing his balls. When I knew that he was close to orgasm, I moved up to kiss him and guide his cock into me. It felt incredible. I could tell that we were both moments away from orgasm. I made Harold change positions so that he was behind me, doggy-style. I like being fucked like this because it’s so rough and primal. I like to feel him thrust inside me so deeply. I came and he followed, bellowing and grunting. I totally love it.

Lounging in the forestAfter, we lay in each other’s arms, gasping for breath and full of love. The air was heavy with the smell of sweat, shit, jism, and faint traces of smoke. It wasn’t at all unpleasant. There’s a particular satisfaction to having been well and thoroughly fucked. But our time was up. We packed up our things to go back up the hill. I debated walking naked, but ultimately decided to wear clothes. Which was good, because when we got back to the house, more firefighters were waiting, wanting to cut through to the fire – evidently an abandoned structure that had caught fire. At this point we could taste the smoke on the air.

They did take care of the fire. It would have been disastrous for us if they hadn’t been able to track down the fire and put it out. So I’m thankful to the Fire Department and the Sheriff’s helicopter for doing such a great job. I wouldn’t wish for fires so near, but I will say that the threat of danger did amazing things for my sex yesterday.

  • Hardin Reddy

    Danger sharpens the senses, and since sex is in many ways a celebration of the senses it can make sex that much more exciting.  As it did for you.