Sep 042011

WineLast night I was a dirty grrrl. I came home to my husband more than a little bit tipsy, covered in wine, dirty from rolling around on the ground, tousled from kissing a few girls, and sweaty from dancing. My make up was wild, my clothes were revealing, and my hair was standing every which way. My lovely evening had left me happy and turned on. I came home to a house full of sleeping children. My beautiful husband took me into his arms and whispered in my ear something about wanting to fuck me.

I don’t normally drink very much, but there is something pleasant about releasing my stress and letting the edges go fuzzy. There in Joel’s arms, I felt like I might just melt into him. Sex is not always easy between us. At times I worry that I’m not as attractive to him as I was when we first got together. Joel expressing his desire for me heated up my wine-warm brain and cunt. Of course he could have me! I headed for the bedroom.

I started getting undressed, but he stopped me. He undressed me himself. I sat unsteadily on the edge of the bed as he pulled off my boots and caressed my legs. My shirt came over my head and landed on the floor. My bra followed. Joel ran his fingers over the wine staining the skin of my breasts. I leaned back on the bed and lifted my hips. He pulled off my skirt and panties in one motion.

He pushed me further back onto the bed, sliding down to settle his face between my thighs. His fingers gripped my nipples while his tongue danced circles on my clitoris. It felt fantastic. The thing about being kind of drunk is that it’s easier for me to stop thinking and just be present, but I’m not in touch with my body, so it’s more difficult to come. I just floated in pleasure for a while.

Evoe tipsyJoel knelt between my legs, his erection tickling my pubic hair for a moment before we worked together to guide him into me. I wrapped myself around him, arms and legs. The pleasure heightened as he moved back and forth. I rocked to meet him and for a few moments we were totally one being. Then he thrust deep inside me and clenched his teeth to keep from crying out. I felt saturated with love.

Afterward, I laid there feeling sticky, in more ways than one, and tried to summon the energy to get in the shower. Joel worried that he had taken advantage of my tipsiness or hadn’t worked hard enough to make me orgasm. I was content. How wonderful to come home from a good time with friends and to get laid by my loving husband! Wine-drenched indeed.

  • Hardin Reddy

    My woman is generally at her horniest after she has been out with other women.  And you touch on one reason our table is rarely without wine.