Oct 062011

Evoë ThorneAs much as I enjoy intercourse (really a lot!), sometimes NOT having intercourse can be just as nice. There are times when having intercourse is not advised, but you still feel turned on or you want to connect with your partner. There are some couples who never have standard penis-in-vagina sex. I went through 6 weeks during pregnancy where I was told not to have penetrative sex or orgasm. We got really creative then. Just now, I’m experiencing some pain from a ruptured cyst on one of my ovaries. Penetration is sounding uncomfortable, so Harold and I played with some alternatives to intercourse on our date.

He went down on me right away. He’s very good at oral sex. He takes his time and doesn’t focus solely on my clitoris. He’s just amazing. Usually he’ll put a finger or two inside me, but he didn’t this time. He played with my nipples. I love that so hard. Between the nipple tweaking and his tongue, I came. It hurt some, so we decided not to do that again.

KissWe kissed. We kissed long and slow. Is there anything more erotic than kissing? I felt him along the length of my body, but all of my focus was between our lips. Our mouths became instruments, playing a symphony of desire. Or perhaps we were communicating in a language our tongues translated for us. I felt so totally in the moment, so full of love. I had a few moments where I thought, ah, so this is what supersaturated feels like.

I decided to take over. Harold struggles with being receptive. He’d rather do things to me than let me give him pleasure. (Well, except for CBT. He’ll let me do what I want to hurt his balls.) So I turned him onto his stomach and massaged his back. As soon as I had the knots out and he began to relax, I got out a heavy flogger and I brought it down on the big muscles in his shoulders. I beat hard against his back, shoulders, and ass. I could see him melt into the bed as my rhythm soothed him. When his back was red, I stopped.

Hard cockI rolled him over and tied up his scrotum. I started massaging his balls and licking the head of his cock. I gave a few experimental sucks, feeling him grow hard in my mouth. I spent a few minutes really deeply enjoying Harold’s cock with my mouth. Then I took off my rings and gave his balls a few hard punches. I love when he flinches and curls protectively. He looks in my eyes and I know that I have him.

He was now impressively hard. I took my time exploring his cock and balls with my hands and mouth, bringing him to the edge of orgasm and backing off. When I couldn’t take it any more, I squeezed a dollop of lube into my hands and wrapped them around his cock. My best hand job technique brought him to the edge again.

Blow job queenInspiration struck. I got more lube and inserted a finger into his asshole. I pressed against his prostate while pumping up and down on his cock. He came like crazy. I’ve never seen so much spooge at once! I think it was 3 or 4 times as much ejaculate as normal – all of the semen in his body. I was so impressed. And I guess that it felt really intense as well. I would imagine that each contraction pumping out semen would feel pleasurable. Certainly, Harold seemed to be having a very good time.

After, we did a lot of hugging, kissing, and rolling around. We had this feeling of incompleteness, like we missed intercourse. I think it meant that we could have kept playing. We’re just used to finishing off our lovemaking with intercourse. Might be time to explore more activities that are not intercourse!