Nov 232011

Fun Factory's AmorAmor by Fun Factory has to be one of the cutest sex toys I’ve ever seen. I had heard that it was a good dildo to use for anal sex and I wanted to try it out. Still, when Babeland agreed to send me an Amor to review, I wasn’t expecting this rainbow delight. (Yes, it’s rainbow colored! Squee!) Like a good boyfriend or girlfriend, Amor delivers on both looks and function.

I know it’s shallow, but I care what my cock looks like. Amor is perfect for public scenes. It’s not the biggest cock on the block, at about 5.5 inches – but it’s just right for the job. The thickness is perfect. I love the smooth finish of the body-safe silicone. I appreciate that Amor’s stylized design implies penis without the exaggerated details of realistic dildos. Shlongs with veins creep me out. Amor’s form is classy. But all of this pales in comparison to the rainbow stripes. Oh, the pride, the happiness, the hope! It makes me feel like a rock star to have Amor in my red leather harness.

Fun Factory's AmorThis dildo fits perfectly in my RodeoHs too. It’s just the right size and the flared base sits nicely against my pelvis. It’s possibly not quite long enough for some anal sex positions. We did have a little difficulty getting it in. Amor is great for vaginal use. The slight curve means that the head of the cock rubs against my g-spot. I’ve found it useful to masturbate with in conjunction with a vibe on my clit.

Amor is just an overall good tool, without all of the crap some sex toy companies try to add in. It’s replaced my old red and black dildo in my everyday tool kit. Yep, Amor is now my dildo of choice.

Bottom line: Rainbow!

Grade: A-

  • Naamah

    That is the most amazingly awesome dildo I have seen maybe ever.  It’s cute, and I don’t usually do cute, but OMG, the colors are so bright and cheerful, and the idea of putting them in someone’s ass is just too damn wonderful. And the stripes, what a great way to judge depth.

  • Hardin Reddy

    That is a sweet-looking dong.  I don’t peg often, but that one makes me want to do it!

  • Lindsey

    It’s so cute and tiny! <3

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