Dec 172011

Harold Santa & Evoë under the mistletoe Sex is a place where I can snuggle down and feel warm and good. Sex is where I let myself go wild, rejecting outside rules that people try to impose on me. Sex is the intense moment where I lose all sense of myself and surrender to whoever I’m making love with. Sex is deeply private and full of personal revelation – a venture into the world of spirit. Sex is the gift I give to my partners and to myself.

I’m under a lot of stress right now. It’s easy to feel bad. Even easier to be looking for escape. I’ve broken most of my bad habits. I’ve had to figure out healthy ways of dealing. Sex is at the top of my list of coping mechanisms. There are so many benefits to sex: it feels fantastic, it’s good exercise, I forget about my troubles for a while, I get to connect with my partner, and I can’t help being who I really am when I get into my body for sex. Sex reminds me to be my higher self.

Sex is occasionally a challenge for me. It can be difficult for me to let go of my worries, make my brain stop looping. At times it’s hard to be trusting and to open up to my partner. I can get caught up in the physical aspects of sex and then ignore my emotional needs and then sex feels empty and achey. I even have flashbacks of abuse in the middle of sex, but that’s thankfully rare now. Sex is not necessarily easy, but even so, sex is worth the effort.

I like having sex. I manage to have sex with others 2 or 3 times a week on average. It would be great to have more sex, but the reality is that I can only fit in that much sex, usually. I masturbate as time allows – maybe once a day – because it’s easier than hooking up with one or both of my guys. So you can get an idea of how stressed I am when I say that I’ve had sex with a partner once or twice a day, every day this week. Not that I’m complaining!

I feel a lot more grounded after fucking. I tend to be relaxed and recharged, ready to tackle the world again. Or, sometimes, ready to go to sleep – but that’s also a blessing. It can be hard to fall asleep when I’ve got all kinds of things running around in my mind. Sex is my favorite soporific.

Sex is good for so many things. Sex is my health and wellness solution. (Sex is also my fitness plan! All you have to do is keep your heart rate up, right?) I’m glad that I have sex as an option as I move through a struggley time. This time of year can be difficult, but sex helps me to hold onto the joy. Sex is awesome!

  • Hardin Reddy

    There have been so many studies supporting the conclusion that sex is a critical cornerstone of physical and mental health, but all you need is to feel the joy that comes from giving someone you care about the pleasure of an orgasm, and having that person do the same to you.