Jan 312012

Best Sex Writing 2012For erotica, I’ve become a big fan of Cleis Press. I’m especially impressed with Rachel Kramer Bussel, both as an editor and as a writer. So I was curious to read Best Sex Writing 2012, never having read one of these annual compilations of what people have been writing about sex. The fact that Susie Bright was a guest judge and wrote the introduction is icing on the cake!

I’m impressed. Not all of the articles appealed to me – I even disliked a couple of them, but every one of them inspired thought. Every voice had something provocative to say in the realm of sexuality. This is not erotica. These pieces are brilliant reporting, touching memoirs, and humorous expositions. This book engaged my brain – sometimes my heart, and occasionally my libido.

It’s hard to pick out my favorites. They tend to be the more personal pieces that touch my emotions and perspectives that are very different from my own. The book is excellent as a whole, but here are a few of what I consider the best essays:

“I Want You to Want Me” by Hugo Schwyzer discusses men’s longing to be admired. I’ve heard many of my partners express this exact desire, feeling that it is somehow disgusting or repulsive to be male and wanting on a deep level to be cherished, but this is the first writing I’ve seen on the subject. I found it very honest and brave.

“Grief, Resilience, and My 66th Birthday Gift” by Joan Price describes the loss of her great love to cancer and her journey out of grief back into being a sexual person. I was moved to tears because I can so easily imagine myself in the same situation. I also was impressed by her courage in writing about the sexuality of people over 60, which I don’t see often, and her frank discussion of buying sexual services as a tool for healing.

“Guys Who Like Fat Chicks” by Camille Dodero focuses on men who fetishize overweight women, but it says interesting things about why certain things turn certain people on. It’s often hard to say why we fixate sexually on particular things. This is fantastic reporting on an under-represented group.

“Adrian’s Penis: Care and Handling” by Adrian Colesberry is a humorous look at what it is to have a penis. Despite my reservations about someone who speaks of themselves (and their penis) in the third person and writes excessive footnotes, I appreciate what he says about being male. I think there are so many misconceptions about erections in our culture – how easy it is to get hard and come. I’m happy to see an open discussion about what’s normal for this man.

“Love Grenade” by Lidia Yuknavitch is a beautifully bittersweet ode to women she made love with during grad school. She manages to capture perfectly the tone of a lost weekend. Her descriptions of the people and activities are hot, but what really gets to me is the feelings I’m left with. It’s brilliant.

There are so many more I could mention, tackling topics like circumcision,  dating with STDs, slut shaming, the criminalization of teen sex, poor reporting of sex and sex violence, and Latina transwomen performing in drag shows. Collectively, these essays please me. It means that there are a lot of people out there starting the conversations that I think we should be having. Many of these conversations happen on the internet, but I would totally recommend this book for an insightful overview of the year’s highlights in sex!

Jan 292012

Evoë feeling philosophicalThis morning I had a flash of inspiration, when I realized that something I’ve worked on for years in my sex life would really benefit me in general. I guess sex and life really are intimately related. Basically, I’ve been meditating on being present, being here now.

Even during sex, being present can be difficult. I struggle with letting go of the past. Occasionally flashbacks hijack my experience. I try to acknowledge the feelings and remind myself that I am no longer trapped in that situation. I don’t have to respond as I would have in the distant past, or yesterday. This is so huge – I can affirm that as a constantly evolving person, what really matters is not then, but right now.

The future is even harder to come to terms with than the past, though. If I’m thinking of initiating sex, I worry about all of the things I ought to be doing instead. My everyday worries rob me of the joys to be had right now. Even when making love, thinking too much about what comes next can put a damper on my pleasure. I find that I only truly lose myself in sex when I am wholly in the moment, not limited by who I was or who I think I ought to be.

I’ve worked on being present during sex for years. I think it’s why I’ve been able to enjoy myself so much. So why haven’t I seen that the same concept could be applied to every other aspect of my life? I find myself constantly focused on next steps rather than where I’m at. That can be helpful, but not if I can’t let myself be happy now. Not if it is a distancing technique.

The main thing for me today is that I feel bad over things that are in the past, from childhood abuse to the fight that Harold and I had a few nights ago. Everything is basically resolved, but I’m holding on to the emotions. The events are sticky. I need to remember that I am not a child, not a partner with hurt feelings. Those things are part of my past – they contribute to the person I am – but I am constantly expanding. Everything I experience makes me bigger and gives me more resources with which to act in the world.

Related to this idea is the concept of forgiveness, something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I finally understand that forgiving someone is something you do for yourself, not them. Forgiving a person means you can let go of the sticky parts – whatever that person did to you can’t hurt you any more. Forgiveness means you can be present in the now.

It’s woo-woo, but I’m finding it helpful. Remembered hurts and the fear of future pain can sometimes distract me from everything else, which is sad when I’m surrounded by beauty and joy. The next time I’m feeling stuck and struggly, during sex or otherwise, I am going to breath deeply and remind myself to be here now.

Jan 272012
Going down

Photo by David Steinberg 2011

I long to take him in. My mouth waters and my throat expands at the thought of his cock. I literally hunger for him. It’s as though I could consume his essence in bits and pieces – the memory of his hands as they craft metal or the image of him as a child, hiding in the tall grass like a drop of ambrosia on my tongue. I take his cock into my mouth to know him more deeply. I open wider to let him in. Oral sex is about acceptance.

I think about these things when fellating, full of love and desire for my partner. I also think of nothing, in a pure Zen way. Not only am I accepting him, I am also accepting the moment. I’m letting go of anxiety and fear, not only because I honor and respect my partner, but because I give myself the gift of pleasure. I like to eat, to taste, to savor – and this applies to my lover as well.

It’s much the same when he goes down on me. I pour myself into him. His tongue and fingers turn me liquid and I pour down his throat. I feel his tongue coaxing me to release, let go, flow. I let him eat me. I give him everything.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all flowery words and soft music. We are fucking. Our oral sex is hot and messy. We get involved in anal play, CBT, and fisting while our tongues and mouths are busy. We get covered in spit and sweat. We grunt and scream and sometimes cry. This is intense play.

I used to refuse to do 69 – you know, both of us doing oral sex at the same time. It was too overwhelming. I wanted to focus on one thing at a time, either trying to orgasm or trying to give an orgasm. Then I decided to forget about the orgasms and just let go. Now 69 is probably my most favorite part of sex. Being overwhelmed is the point. Flooding the pleasure centers is the point.

I take him into my mouth and I know him. His tongue swirls around my clit and darts into my cunt and I give myself to him. 69 is about trust and surrender. It’s the classic yin/yang – some of each is in the other, always in motion, ever in balance. I think the intensity of sharing like this sears like fire if you aren’t willing to open yourself to the flow of energy created, but that same fire can heat things up!


Photo by David Steinberg 2011

I rarely orgasm during 69, but I come very easily after spending some time engrossed in oral play. It feels amazingly fantastic. I find it freeing to be more focused on sensation and sharing and less focused on the outcome.

If you haven’t experienced 69, or it’s been a while, maybe it’s time to give it a try!

Jan 242012

Evoë in the snowSeattle was hit with what amounts to a serious snow storm (for this area) last week. Our power was out for nearly 100 hours, with over a foot of snow and trees and branches falling everywhere because of the ice. We’re not used to this kind of wintery weather. Especially when we lost the water and land line at my house.

Our poly family lives in 2 houses. We are basically prepared for adverse conditions, provided we share resources. We ended up at Harold and Melanie’s house because they have a fireplace, a generator, and working water. We actually did very well. The hard part is keeping children busy for long hours. At the end of the day, I was relieved to burrow under the covers and roll around in bed with Joel. It was under these circumstances that I tried out California Exotics l’Amour Premium Power Pack 8-Speed Bullet.

Under mountains of wool blankets and down comforters, I warmed myself up with my favorite vibrator on my clit. Then I inserted the bullet part of l’Amour Premium Power Pack. It’s very smooth and a good shape and size for internal use. A cord attaches it to the controller. It’s easy to use, with only two buttons. I don’t like that you have to go through all 8 speeds to turn the bullet off. The “power pack” takes four AAA batteries. It really is fairly powerful. I’m not sure why it needs so many speeds. It’s true that each increase in speed ramps up the intensity. It’s also pretty loud. Joel and I could hear it under all of those blankets (and inside me), sounding like a jet getting ready for take-off. The lower speeds seem gratuitous.

Unfortunately, I am not a person for whom internal vibes work well. Maybe it’s my anatomy – my uterus tips back instead of forward. I tried to find a good position, but I mostly just felt like it was vibrating my rectum. I added my favorite vibrator back into the mix. Coming took much longer than normal, but I did eventually orgasm, and having the bullet inside me made coming more intense.

l'Amour Premium Power Pack 8-Speed BulletUltimately, this is not the toy I would chose to use internally. It works okay, but I don’t like having the cord and controller. It also doesn’t get anywhere near my g-spot, which is my preference. It is definitely not a toy to be shared since it is impossible to sterilize. This bullet was interesting foreplay for a snow day, but I prefer the warmth of Joel’s arms. L’Amour Premium Power Pack 8-Speed Bullet doesn’t rate a place in my sex kit.

Bottom Line: An adequate, but unexceptional internal bullet vibe.

Grade: C

Jan 172012

Evoë in the snowIt doesn’t snow in Seattle very often, so when it does, everything stops. Right now we have about a foot of snow. It turns everything magically beautiful. I love the snow. I like walking in the cold expanses of white, as though I am the first person in the world to tread there. I like the soft silence of snow falling and when a branch dumps it’s snowy load all at once in a cloud of white. I even like being naked in the snow, with my nipples hard and my skin alive with the touch of snowflakes. Snow days are a time for inner work, playing outside, drinking tea, and getting cozy with the ones you love.

Today Harold and I walked out into the woods to his cabin. We built a roaring fire and curled up to talk out all of the things going on in our lives. When it was nice and toasty, I slipped out of my clothes and ran around in the forest in only my boots. It makes me so happy. I feel really alive. It’s simultaneously like being in a fairy tale and experiencing intense sensual delight (but better than Anne Rice could tell it). This is the childlike wonder that I approach sex with.

And we did have sex. We went back to the cabin and warmed my chilled flesh. Harold wrapped his arms around me. His scent, that smell that is unique to him, filled me with desire. It’s just goes straight to my animal brain and I think, I know this man. I want him. I simply wanted to come right away. I asked him to Evoë in the snowuse his mouth and his fingers, and later a few toys, to bring me to climax. As I orgasmed, I looked out the window at the gorgeous wintery weather, with the snow falling down. I felt more peaceful than I have in a long time. Then I looked in Harold’s eyes and took in all of the love I saw there. It makes me smile.

For days, I’ve been fantasizing about all of the wicked things I wanted to do to Harold. The snow gives the illusion that we have all the time in the world. We were insulated from the rest of the world – two children in a magical clubhouse. I suspended his balls from the ceiling and did wicked things to them. Amazingly enough, one of our leather wrist restraints fits perfectly around his scrotum! I attached clamps to his nipples and stuck things in his ass. Fellatio is one of my favorite things, so I spent extra time sucking his cock.

Then we reached that moment of decision. The point at which we lament he has but one orgasm to give at this juncture and we must debate the best method for him to spend it. I want him to jizz all over my face, but that didn’t seem quite as nice as both of us coming together. Love tends to win out big time. I just wanted to be as spiritually deep inside him as I could get, so I sat on top of him. I adore the feeling when his cock first fully slides into me. It’s amazing. I always have an “oh, there you are” kind of moment, like my body has been incomplete without him.

Evoë in the snowI twine my fingers into to his and begin to rock back and forth. His cock is rubbing against my g-spot. I alternate between gazing into his eyes and rolling my head back in ecstasy. I tend to lose my sense of self and just melt into him. Then I feel heat build all over my body. And I come. As soon as I start to orgasm, he is right there with me. We both scream and laugh and cry and hold each other. Today was like that.

I kept him inside me while I held him and cried. I do this sometimes. When I open up, things come out. Today I was just so relieved to feel how much Harold loves me. I think the snow can feel isolating as well.

We lay for a while, wrapped in each other’s arms, as the sweat dried from our bodies and the snow glittered outside. Eventually, Harold coaxed another sweet orgasm from my cunt. I think each one gets better as we play longer. After, I really had to pee

I’m no stranger to peeing outside. I’m very proud at peeing in the snowhow adept I’ve gotten. Harold is quite delighted at how he’s corrupted me into being a wild grrrl who will squat in the dirt. But today it was snow and I didn’t want to squat down in a foot of snow. So I peed standing up! I’ve never done that before. It’s very satisfying. I’m not up to writing my name in the snow yet, but look out!

The fire was dying down and our time was running out. We put our clothes back on, gathered up our things, and set off back to civilization. The snow crunched under every step and we walked with all the magic of a snow day in our hearts. And satisfied smiles on our lips.

Jan 142012

Evoë contemplating powerI lie in bed at night and think about power. What is power? Where does power come from? Why can I be powerful in some ways, but not in others? How does power manifest in sexual relationships? And mostly, what can I do to feel more empowered in my life? It’s a lot to ponder. I have to examine my painful past – childhood abuse – and take apart things so deep that they feel unchangeable. I must challenge my assumptions about how the world works. And ultimately, I need to decide who I am going to be.

Early in life I learned that it wasn’t very safe to show up. I spent my time trying to please everyone. The grownups had the power. I had no right to choose. I had a very real sense of danger about making a wrong move because the consequences would be painful. This was normal, but also kept secret from the outside world. I became expert at presenting a good face. As a result, I felt powerful in the outside world, but inconsequential internally. I developed patterns of behavior designed to try to control situations in order to mitigate the danger of making a wrong decision.

Evoë in fishnetI’ve come to believe that power is the ability to make choices, preferably by following your heart. It took me years to be able to make any kind of choice. I was always afraid of making the wrong choice. Now I’m likely to make a choice too quickly, if anything. And it’s true that I feel powerless if I feel there are no choices. There is a kind of power that comes from deep within. I sense it like an illumination at my core. When I contemplate options from there, I just feel the right path. That surety of belief, and the ability to act on it, is power.

Of course there is the power over others type of power as well. I grew up with it. It involves getting people to give up their power for you, or simply forcing it. I don’t think that personal power can ever be truly taken away, but it can be easy to believe that you don’t have a choice. Because this model of power was impressed on me early on, I’ve done all that I can to avoid it, while still playing by those rules. I keep waiting for people to let me be powerful, rather than feeling my own power.

As a parent, I’ve been acutely aware of power. I have felt true to my own power. I am the mom. I am in charge. But that doesn’t mean that I enforce my will on everyone. I try to teach my children about their own power. I explain things. I give them choices. I help them figure out how to make good decision. I am a resource. I guide. I foster independence while honoring their spirits and providing a safe shelter.

Evoë in fishnetAs a CEO, I am struggling to figure out how to protect my vision without crippling the company. I’m good at making things happen, but scared that my dreams might be taken away as they were when I was a child. I’m functioning somewhere in between power from within and power over. I’m waiting for everyone else to grant me power rather than just assuming I have it. I’m not very skillful with power in areas that really matter to me. Thankfully, I work with people who understand.

As a lover, power is complicated. I’ve done so much work around my sexuality, that sex feels pretty safe. I generally know the power dynamics going into a sexual situation. I used to be more comfortable being submissive sexually because someone else would make all of the choices. All I had to worry about was my own reactions. It was a relief to be in a situation where I didn’t have to fear making a wrong choice. It was easy to know how to please my partner. Over the past five years, I’ve become more of a top. I like to control the situation. I trust myself more to be able to read my partner’s energy and make good decisions. More and more, I am looking to make love as equals. Playing with power can be fun, but I now want to strip away the psychological distractions and focus all of our energy on being together.

Evoë contemplating powerI’ve noticed that some people feel less powerful as life goes on. Possibilities seem wide open when you are young, but all of the choices you make over the course of your life seem to limit the available options. The economy sliding down must be amplifying this effect for a great many people now. I’ve seen this kind of paralysis creep into sex, as well as general life choices. Maybe the narrowing is deceptive, though – if power comes from within, then you own it completely and no outside force can affect it. Maybe giving up is the true loss of power.

I am a very powerful person. I’m good at seeing all of the options, even the hidden ones. I know myself pretty well. Right now pain and anger often cloud my ability to follow my heart, but it’s a passing thing. I can choose to let it flow through me. My power comes from within.

Jan 102012

waterfallI’m floating in warm water, my limbs entwined in his. Above us are tree limbs and blue sky. Nearby the river cascades past with lots of spray and froth. The rushing noise it makes is a soothing soundtrack. His fingers glide across my bare flesh, covertly ending at my nipples. My desire ratchets up a notch. I look into his eyes, knowing that he sees my reaction to his touch. We’re hardly aware of the man next to us in the hot springs, but the intensity of our connection must make him uncomfortable because he gets out.

We let the hot springs relax us. We massage the knots out of each other’s shoulders. We talk and kiss, making love in a slow, unfocused manner. I want him in a way that reaches through my cunt, through my feet, deep into the rock of the cave we are in, as though we are making love for the earth itself. In full view of everyone at the hot springs, but not making a big deal of it, I knead his balls with my foot. I progress to rubbing his cock between my toes. Then I am leaning against him, caressing his dick with one hand while I bend over in front of him. He traces the lines of my vulva, feeling how slick I am there. I know that the caretaker is right behind us. The thought of him watching us turns me on even more. He politely moves past us.

Evoë at the hot springsI am getting off on how much we can do to each other with people all around. They can’t really tell what we are doing. We are quiet, but totally absorbed in each other. I suck at his lips and tongue, wanting his cock. He seems to understand because he suggests that I sit on the ledge so he can lick my pussy, but it feels too blatant. We talk some more and unwind some more. I’m thinking of going off into the woods to fuck. I want to be bent over and boned hard. I want his fingers to dig into my hips and my breasts to slap against my face. But it’s really cold. Finally all the other guests get ready to leave.

I am fantasizing about how we will have sex, when another woman shows up. She’s obviously in her own world, unconcerned with us. I think that we might go to the back of the cave to fuck, but he is too hot. We move down to a cooler pool. I am at that place beyond teasing that quickly becomes totally frustrated. I am near tears with wanting. It feels like I will never again have an orgasm. I float on my stomach next to him, while he rubs my clit. It feels amazing. I don’t come, but I am greatly reassured. I love him so much.

We move to a slightly warmer pool. I tell him to keep a look out and I put my head in his lap. I squeeze his balls and suck his cock. I so enjoy the sounds that he makes and the looks on his face that I manage to see. The warm water cradles us both as he stiffens in my mouth. His fingers reach around my ass to get to my slippery cunt. The danger of someone seeing us excites me. The strange woman is still in the cave.

We go down to the lower pool. He insists on pulling my pussy over to him so he can lick it. Seeing my thatch in his face looks beautiful and I wish I had my camera, but I’m not about to stop him. The other guest gets out for a moment then goes back up. We stop for that, but then I’m serious about fucking.

Evoë at the hot springsWe come together in the water. Somehow I end up on top. The moment that he enters me is sheer bliss. I have been aching for this. I tighten all of my vaginal muscles to let him know I care. We move back and forth in the water, where movement is muted. The woman coughs loudly several times as though to tell us that she can see us, but I don’t care. It’s not obvious that we are having intercourse anyway. We are holding each other’s faces as we revel in the sensation and connection. I am in love, love, love.

And then the lubrication gives out. It still feels fantastic, but I can tell that it’s starting to chafe. It’s not worth going on. Fucking in the water is often problematic. We stop moving (mostly), but he stays inside me. It’s glorious. It feels like the center of everything.

Sadly, we need to go. I briefly consider the cabana, but we need to make our way back to civilization. Perhaps we can fuck in the car. Regardless, I am feeling relaxed and recharged. I look forward to the orgasms that are sure to come.

Jan 092012

Evoë as a teenRemember the first time you fell in love? I had a long distance love, where we crafted beautiful love letters to each other and rarely saw each other. We were kids exploring our blossoming hormonal states, but we were smart kids and we used words. He’s still a good friend.

Remember your first real stab at a relationship? He pursued me the summer before I started high school, the age my daughter is now. We dated for about two years – very serious. I look back with a certain soft nostalgia – he was so sweet to me, made me believe for first time in my life that I was beautiful – but I can also see the seeds of all of the problems that I’ve spent the last 20 years working through.

All of this is up because I found Mr. First Boyfriend on Facebook yesterday. He looks great. He’s lost weight since high school and now I’m guessing his body can back up his attitude. I haven’t seen or heard from him in about 20 years. It’s weird to know someone so well and not know them at all. I’m not sure what to say.

I want to thank him. He was patient and kind to me. He helped me through flash backs of sex abuse. He was my companion and my knight against a cruel world. I came to learn myself through us learning each other. I loved his sense of style as well as his sense of humor. He was not the first person I ever had sex with, but he was the person I explored sex with. We spent hours together that literally saved my life. And most important, he introduced me to the world of roleplay gaming – D & D and Cthulhu.

I want to apologize to him. I was badly scarred from sex abuse and very scared of being in a relationship. I ran away the first time he kissed me. I have always been polyamorous by nature. As a teenager, I did not have a model for how to proceed. While I never meant to hurt anyone, I think that I probably did not handle my multiple relationships with any skill. I always came back to him, but I think he would have preferred monogamy. I hope that he forgives my lack of skill, understanding that I was young and had a lot to work through.

Which makes it ironic that I also want to shake him hard. It took forever to work out my body issues after he repeatedly told me that my thighs were too big. And I want to go back in time and teach my younger self about consent because no one should EVER respond to, “I want to stop.” with, “Wait, I’m almost done.” It took me years and years to be able to say no and expect to be taken seriously. Not all of that is his fault, but it still makes me cringe when I think of it.

Evoë as a teenAt least we had a lot of sex. I was his first. And still he waited 9 months for me to be ready. I recorded each instance of our sex in my journal, covering pages. I kept the wrapper for our first condom. Actually, somewhere I have a whole file of mementos of our relationship – love notes, prom pictures, and the first song he ever wrote – it’s for me! I’m sappy that way. And I like to think of how adventurous we were sexually. From terrible strawberry warming gel to fucking while he had a fever to me bent over behind the door while my mom made dinner in the next room.

We’ve both gone off in our own directions, but in a different world we might be sharing our lives. There was once a lot of hurt between us, but now I mostly feel happy for him and his successes. I wonder what he makes of me. He helped me so much during a challenging time. I like to think that I gave him things that he needed too. Actually, every person I’ve been intimate with has changed me irrevocably, left their touch on my soul. Isn’t that the power and prerogative of love?

Jan 072012

Fun Factory BootieFun Factory is rapidly becoming one of my favorite sex-toy companies. They make fantastic products, and this little butt plug is no exception. I love what the box says, “BOOTIE, The perfect plug for beginners and connoisseurs! Thanks to its velvety soft surface, the BOOTIE delivers rapturous pleasure.The combination of flexibility and the necessary hardness arouse the posterior passion zones.” It makes me giggle, but it’s totally true!

I don’t take it in the rear very often. I’ve been wanting to do more anal play, so Bootie seemed like a good place to start and Babeland was willing to provide me with one. It’s easy to insert with a little bit of water-based lube (because Bootie is made of silicone). The shape is well thought out for ease, comfort, and arousal. Once in place, it could stay there for a long time. I Fun Factory Bootiehave an awareness of having something in my ass that turns me on like crazy, but no discomfort. And Bootie stays in place with it’s broad base. Coming with the plug in feels really good because all of my rectal muscles tighten around it, without dislodging it.

Harold does a lot more anal play than I do. We’re always sticking things in his ass. Often, we’re going for prostate stimulation, and Bootie does press a little on his prostate. Mostly, it has that appeal of vague fullness. He found that it inserts easily and stays in exceptionally well. He even fucked me while wearing it and it didn’t budge. He did say that Bootie, like anything that presses on his prostate, can make him orgasm before he’s really ready, which doesn’t feel as pleasurable.

Overall, I only have good things to say about Bootie, although I would prefer to be able to manipulate it while inserted. Also, it can be a bit difficult to get hold of. It is meant to stay in place. I suppose that I could also complain that it isn’t pretty enough, but you can’t even spot it in a standing person. I’m being shallow.

Fun Factory Bootie in useI look forward to integrating it into our sex play. I have fantasies about one of us wearing the plug out to dinner then coming home to have wild sex. I love that background feeling of being a sex object – being aware that my ass is owned. I also think that Bootie will be good in situations where I want every erogenous zone engaged.

I agree that this is a great butt plug for anal play beginners, as well as a must-have for ass play toy collections. You know, if you need to arouse your posterior passion zones.

Bottom line: Perfect plug to stay in place and make you think of your ass.

Grade: A-

Jan 042012

Many families get together over the holidays and snap a few photos. Our family is no exception, but we can boast that our family includes porn stars! Harold and I teamed up to take some photographs of the incomparable and totally adorably in love, Ned and Maggie Mayhem of meetthemayhems.com while they were here visiting.

It was fun to watch them together during the very active photo shoot. Ned and Maggie are both athletic and playful. There was wrestling and Ned doing pushups bearing Maggie’s weight. Their sense of humor permeates their interactions, but mostly what I see is love. There is nothing as sexy as people in love.

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