Jan 102012

waterfallI’m floating in warm water, my limbs entwined in his. Above us are tree limbs and blue sky. Nearby the river cascades past with lots of spray and froth. The rushing noise it makes is a soothing soundtrack. His fingers glide across my bare flesh, covertly ending at my nipples. My desire ratchets up a notch. I look into his eyes, knowing that he sees my reaction to his touch. We’re hardly aware of the man next to us in the hot springs, but the intensity of our connection must make him uncomfortable because he gets out.

We let the hot springs relax us. We massage the knots out of each other’s shoulders. We talk and kiss, making love in a slow, unfocused manner. I want him in a way that reaches through my cunt, through my feet, deep into the rock of the cave we are in, as though we are making love for the earth itself. In full view of everyone at the hot springs, but not making a big deal of it, I knead his balls with my foot. I progress to rubbing his cock between my toes. Then I am leaning against him, caressing his dick with one hand while I bend over in front of him. He traces the lines of my vulva, feeling how slick I am there. I know that the caretaker is right behind us. The thought of him watching us turns me on even more. He politely moves past us.

Evoë at the hot springsI am getting off on how much we can do to each other with people all around. They can’t really tell what we are doing. We are quiet, but totally absorbed in each other. I suck at his lips and tongue, wanting his cock. He seems to understand because he suggests that I sit on the ledge so he can lick my pussy, but it feels too blatant. We talk some more and unwind some more. I’m thinking of going off into the woods to fuck. I want to be bent over and boned hard. I want his fingers to dig into my hips and my breasts to slap against my face. But it’s really cold. Finally all the other guests get ready to leave.

I am fantasizing about how we will have sex, when another woman shows up. She’s obviously in her own world, unconcerned with us. I think that we might go to the back of the cave to fuck, but he is too hot. We move down to a cooler pool. I am at that place beyond teasing that quickly becomes totally frustrated. I am near tears with wanting. It feels like I will never again have an orgasm. I float on my stomach next to him, while he rubs my clit. It feels amazing. I don’t come, but I am greatly reassured. I love him so much.

We move to a slightly warmer pool. I tell him to keep a look out and I put my head in his lap. I squeeze his balls and suck his cock. I so enjoy the sounds that he makes and the looks on his face that I manage to see. The warm water cradles us both as he stiffens in my mouth. His fingers reach around my ass to get to my slippery cunt. The danger of someone seeing us excites me. The strange woman is still in the cave.

We go down to the lower pool. He insists on pulling my pussy over to him so he can lick it. Seeing my thatch in his face looks beautiful and I wish I had my camera, but I’m not about to stop him. The other guest gets out for a moment then goes back up. We stop for that, but then I’m serious about fucking.

Evoë at the hot springsWe come together in the water. Somehow I end up on top. The moment that he enters me is sheer bliss. I have been aching for this. I tighten all of my vaginal muscles to let him know I care. We move back and forth in the water, where movement is muted. The woman coughs loudly several times as though to tell us that she can see us, but I don’t care. It’s not obvious that we are having intercourse anyway. We are holding each other’s faces as we revel in the sensation and connection. I am in love, love, love.

And then the lubrication gives out. It still feels fantastic, but I can tell that it’s starting to chafe. It’s not worth going on. Fucking in the water is often problematic. We stop moving (mostly), but he stays inside me. It’s glorious. It feels like the center of everything.

Sadly, we need to go. I briefly consider the cabana, but we need to make our way back to civilization. Perhaps we can fuck in the car. Regardless, I am feeling relaxed and recharged. I look forward to the orgasms that are sure to come.