Jan 072012

Fun Factory BootieFun Factory is rapidly becoming one of my favorite sex-toy companies. They make fantastic products, and this little butt plug is no exception. I love what the box says, “BOOTIE, The perfect plug for beginners and connoisseurs! Thanks to its velvety soft surface, the BOOTIE delivers rapturous pleasure.The combination of flexibility and the necessary hardness arouse the posterior passion zones.” It makes me giggle, but it’s totally true!

I don’t take it in the rear very often. I’ve been wanting to do more anal play, so Bootie seemed like a good place to start and Babeland was willing to provide me with one. It’s easy to insert with a little bit of water-based lube (because Bootie is made of silicone). The shape is well thought out for ease, comfort, and arousal. Once in place, it could stay there for a long time. I Fun Factory Bootiehave an awareness of having something in my ass that turns me on like crazy, but no discomfort. And Bootie stays in place with it’s broad base. Coming with the plug in feels really good because all of my rectal muscles tighten around it, without dislodging it.

Harold does a lot more anal play than I do. We’re always sticking things in his ass. Often, we’re going for prostate stimulation, and Bootie does press a little on his prostate. Mostly, it has that appeal of vague fullness. He found that it inserts easily and stays in exceptionally well. He even fucked me while wearing it and it didn’t budge. He did say that Bootie, like anything that presses on his prostate, can make him orgasm before he’s really ready, which doesn’t feel as pleasurable.

Overall, I only have good things to say about Bootie, although I would prefer to be able to manipulate it while inserted. Also, it can be a bit difficult to get hold of. It is meant to stay in place. I suppose that I could also complain that it isn’t pretty enough, but you can’t even spot it in a standing person. I’m being shallow.

Fun Factory Bootie in useI look forward to integrating it into our sex play. I have fantasies about one of us wearing the plug out to dinner then coming home to have wild sex. I love that background feeling of being a sex object – being aware that my ass is owned. I also think that Bootie will be good in situations where I want every erogenous zone engaged.

I agree that this is a great butt plug for anal play beginners, as well as a must-have for ass play toy collections. You know, if you need to arouse your posterior passion zones.

Bottom line: Perfect plug to stay in place and make you think of your ass.

Grade: A-