Jan 172012

Evoë in the snowIt doesn’t snow in Seattle very often, so when it does, everything stops. Right now we have about a foot of snow. It turns everything magically beautiful. I love the snow. I like walking in the cold expanses of white, as though I am the first person in the world to tread there. I like the soft silence of snow falling and when a branch dumps it’s snowy load all at once in a cloud of white. I even like being naked in the snow, with my nipples hard and my skin alive with the touch of snowflakes. Snow days are a time for inner work, playing outside, drinking tea, and getting cozy with the ones you love.

Today Harold and I walked out into the woods to his cabin. We built a roaring fire and curled up to talk out all of the things going on in our lives. When it was nice and toasty, I slipped out of my clothes and ran around in the forest in only my boots. It makes me so happy. I feel really alive. It’s simultaneously like being in a fairy tale and experiencing intense sensual delight (but better than Anne Rice could tell it). This is the childlike wonder that I approach sex with.

And we did have sex. We went back to the cabin and warmed my chilled flesh. Harold wrapped his arms around me. His scent, that smell that is unique to him, filled me with desire. It’s just goes straight to my animal brain and I think, I know this man. I want him. I simply wanted to come right away. I asked him to Evoë in the snowuse his mouth and his fingers, and later a few toys, to bring me to climax. As I orgasmed, I looked out the window at the gorgeous wintery weather, with the snow falling down. I felt more peaceful than I have in a long time. Then I looked in Harold’s eyes and took in all of the love I saw there. It makes me smile.

For days, I’ve been fantasizing about all of the wicked things I wanted to do to Harold. The snow gives the illusion that we have all the time in the world. We were insulated from the rest of the world – two children in a magical clubhouse. I suspended his balls from the ceiling and did wicked things to them. Amazingly enough, one of our leather wrist restraints fits perfectly around his scrotum! I attached clamps to his nipples and stuck things in his ass. Fellatio is one of my favorite things, so I spent extra time sucking his cock.

Then we reached that moment of decision. The point at which we lament he has but one orgasm to give at this juncture and we must debate the best method for him to spend it. I want him to jizz all over my face, but that didn’t seem quite as nice as both of us coming together. Love tends to win out big time. I just wanted to be as spiritually deep inside him as I could get, so I sat on top of him. I adore the feeling when his cock first fully slides into me. It’s amazing. I always have an “oh, there you are” kind of moment, like my body has been incomplete without him.

Evoë in the snowI twine my fingers into to his and begin to rock back and forth. His cock is rubbing against my g-spot. I alternate between gazing into his eyes and rolling my head back in ecstasy. I tend to lose my sense of self and just melt into him. Then I feel heat build all over my body. And I come. As soon as I start to orgasm, he is right there with me. We both scream and laugh and cry and hold each other. Today was like that.

I kept him inside me while I held him and cried. I do this sometimes. When I open up, things come out. Today I was just so relieved to feel how much Harold loves me. I think the snow can feel isolating as well.

We lay for a while, wrapped in each other’s arms, as the sweat dried from our bodies and the snow glittered outside. Eventually, Harold coaxed another sweet orgasm from my cunt. I think each one gets better as we play longer. After, I really had to pee

I’m no stranger to peeing outside. I’m very proud at peeing in the snowhow adept I’ve gotten. Harold is quite delighted at how he’s corrupted me into being a wild grrrl who will squat in the dirt. But today it was snow and I didn’t want to squat down in a foot of snow. So I peed standing up! I’ve never done that before. It’s very satisfying. I’m not up to writing my name in the snow yet, but look out!

The fire was dying down and our time was running out. We put our clothes back on, gathered up our things, and set off back to civilization. The snow crunched under every step and we walked with all the magic of a snow day in our hearts. And satisfied smiles on our lips.