Feb 222012

Cal Exotics Love DiamondThe Love Diamond vibrator has rendered me speechless. Well nearly. When California Exotics sent me this vibrator, my first thought was that it’s the tackiest sex toy I’ve ever seen. But hey, tacky can be kind of fun in the right context, right? Still, I was taken aback by the shiny hot pink Barbie case and princess jewel. Clearly it’s designed to speak to a woman’s inner 3-year-old. Who knew you could get a vibrator to match your My Little Pony collection?

Actually, the clear soft portions of the vibrator let you see the inner mechanisms at work. I think that’s pretty cool. I like figuring out how things work. On the down side, those parts smelled and tasted funny, like chemicals, even after washing. I used a condom just to be careful about what I put in my body. My vagina is very sensitive. I also used lube because it’s a lot of toy to be introducing to my cunt without some warm up.

Cal Exotics Love Diamond in useThe awesome thing about this vibrator is that it is designed for maximum impact. There is a dildo-like shaft that rotates and is meant to be used internally to massage the g-spot and a 2″ long protrusion to tease the clitoris. There are 8 levels of rotation and 8 of vibration, as well as 3 functions of vibration and pulsation for both motors. The end result is 200 different combinations of vibration and pulsation plus rotation. But no matter how many combinations I tried, I couldn’t come at all.

It’s a fantastic idea, to stimulate both the g-spot and the clit at once. My favorite way to orgasm is with my partner’s fingers on my g-spot and a vibrator on my clit. It’s intense and feels great. I hoped that Love Diamond would be like that. I really tried. About 6 different times. I wonder if my anatomy is different from most women’s and that rendered Love Diamond ineffectual. The rotating tip certainly stirred me up, but didn’t seem to hit the right places. I also had troubles lining the teaser up for clitoral stimulation. The right angle eludes me.

Love Diamond did turn me on. There was some excitement – thing were starting to happen, but no matter how long I went at it I never achieved satisfaction. After one play session in the shower (yes, it’s 100% waterproof!), I gave up in frustration and turned the shower head on my clitoris, coming in a matter of seconds. So maybe the best use for this toy is for foreplay and teasing.

Cal Exotics Love Diamond in useIt takes 3 AA batteries and the controls are easy to use. I like the power button because it’s straightforward to turn it off quickly. Each motor is controlled separately, so it’s possible to just use the teaser or just use the rotation. There is also a button that makes the rotation switch directions continually. It can be quite noisy. I didn’t feel like I could use it with the kids in the house.

I know that this is supposed to be a luxury high-end vibrator. There may well be people who get intense pleasure from using the Love Diamond, but sadly, I am not one of them. This might be the first vibrator I’ve ever tried that I can’t get off with at all.

Bottom line: all show, no go.

Grade: D


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