Feb 182012

OphoriaNothing is as iconic to kinky sex as a simple cock ring. It brings to my mind images of massively erect men ready to fuck for hours. Cock rings are to virility as lipstick is to bombshells, right? It’s a good fantasy, but I had never tried a cock ring with my partner until Babeland sent me the Ophoria v-ring. I admit, I was a little disappointed that it didn’t give him 12 inches. The back of my mind was hoping that a cock ring would equal a porn star erection. It doesn’t, but it does seem to add some fun interest to your sex play.

Ophoria is baby blue, velvety soft silicone with a vibrating bullet that fits snugly into a sleeve on one side. The bullet comes out in order to wash the ring and uses micro button batteries. The batteries are supposed to last about 40 minutes, but the great thing is that Ophoria comes 2 extra sets of batteries! You can also swap out the bullet for a different one if you want more intensity.

Condoms can be used with this product – they just go on first. We applied Ophoria when Harold was semi-erect. I pulled his scrotum through first, then pulled his cock through, so the cock ring circled the base of his penis and balls. Harold found Ophoria to be comfortable. The first time we tried it, we put the vibrating bullet up top, where it would stimulate my clitoris. I hated it. I was on top and bouncing against it hurt rather than titillated. It might feel better with him on top, but I didn’t like the little protruding knobs – I’m too sensitive. The second time, we turned the vibrations under his balls. He seemed to really like the extra sensation.

Cock rings are supposed to help trap blood in the cock in order to improve and extend erections. Does it work? I think so. Harold was not sold, his previous experiments with cock rings had not had the outcome he was hoping for. I felt that his erections were harder and that he orgasmed more explosively. If nothing else, it’s an inexpensive way to experiment with an erection. It’s almost always fun to try something new. Ophoria can even be used in strap-on sex to hold that bullet in place!

Incorrect application of OphoriaThe product itself seems to be top quality. I’m impressed with the design and the manufacturing. While it may not be something I we use often, I think it’s a great toy to add to my collection.

Bottom line: Good clean fun, worth every penny.

Grade: B+


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