Mar 312012

Evoë in glassesMy 15 year old came out at a family dinner for her sister’s 21st birthday. We were eating and she announced, “I’m bi-curious. And I have a girlfriend.” In the raucous chaos that is our family, there was congratulations and some light teasing – mainly about her predilection for boy-on-boy. All in all it was a minor occurrence in the general celebration. No one was shocked or surprised. We all love her and support her choices, especially during this time when she should be exploring her sexuality.

She and I talked before her declaration. We had a quick errand to run before dinner and she said, “Mom, now that I have some one-on-one time with you, I want to ask you about my girlfriend.” See, I’ve known for a while that she has a girlfriend, but I figure it’s her business. I like the girl – they’ve been friends for years. My daughter is very wise and handles things very well. I trust her.

I haven’t said much about her being bi-curious and she hasn’t brought it up. She wanted to make sure that I was okay with her choices before she came out to the family because I haven’t said very much. She was worried that it meant I disapproved. No! I should have been more vocal with my support.

Of course I am so proud of her. I love how she feels confident to be herself. I want her to follow her heart where it leads. I know that she isn’t going too fast or doing anything that might be harmful. Her relationship with her girlfriend is significant, no matter how that relationship manifests. Learning to love is one of life’s vital tasks.

My daughter wanted to know if I had mentioned her orientation to anyone else. I hadn’t because that is up to her. I didn’t know if she was telling people. She laughed, “Oh, I tell everyone!” She goes to a private school where people would be open to that. Okay then. I suggested that maybe she should tell her family. I think she knows that her family will support her and they deserve to know what’s going on with her.

So we ended up at a family celebration, made more joyous by my daughter’s revelations. Even the birthday girl was encouraging, having been a long time LGBTQ ally. It makes me so happy to have created a family like this. We are not the standard American family unit, yet I think we function very well indeed. I hope we have an environment where everyone, children and adults alike, feel safe to explore who they are in all ways. I want to raise children who know they can trust their parents enough to discuss their sexuality openly and with pride.

My daughter is amazing. I expect that she is just getting started on her journey of self-discovery. Perhaps there will be other comings-out as her awareness of herself evolves. It’s been suggested that maybe she shouldn’t be quite so open because she might encounter discrimination. That’s up to her, but personally, I think she should shout it from the roof-tops if she wants. Her sexuality is normal. How else are we going to change the way that people look at so-called alternative sexualities? Let’s treat normal things as normal.

My teen came out and I’m very proud.


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Mar 262012

EvoëI just found out about a great new resource for couples to learn about each other’s fantasies. It’s an online interactive sex questionnaire called Mojo Upgrade. Mojo is an opportunity to let you and your partner discuss the things that turn you on. It’s totally free and confidential.

Here’s how it works: You tell Mojo whether you and your partner will be using the same computer or two computers (you will need to give them your email address for this option). Each person should fill out the questionnaire privately. You have to pick a gender and reveal your age. It presents a series of potential fantasies for you to indicate your level of interest: no, we already do it, if my partner is interested, and yes. It will take about 10 minutes for each person to finish.

After both partners have completed the survey, you get to see the results. Mojo filters out all of the no’s so the results are very positive. I felt like my boundaries were respected. The questions where both of you say yes are bold and purple. The ones that one person said yes to and the other was open are in bold. It’s easy to see where you are most compatible. The website even adds links to sex toys and such for things that you’ve indicated an interest to.

Joel and I tried out Mojo Upgrade. We both used my iPhone, which wasn’t ideal, but worked well enough. Answering these questions was a lot of fun. I feel like such a slut that we already do, or have done at some time, most of the things on the questionnaire. It’s also fun to realize that I have some hard limits, like brown showers and rape fantasies – those are perfectly fine things to be into, just not my kink. I thought that it was a fabulous resource for us as a couple because we’ve been in a bit of a slump recently. I tend to make assumptions about what will or will not work based on ages old information. So I don’t always ask for what I want.

Based on our results, I would say that we should be spending more time on foreplay including dirty talk, hair pulling, sharing porn, and sensuous massage. We should also be integrating more lingerie (on me) and spanking. Perhaps adding blindfolds and/or restraints. Beyond that we get a bit wild – double or triple penetration, group sex, public sex, bukkake, and pegging. Evidently Joel and I both long for romantic music, but we are likely to come to blows over musical selection. Our taste in music is quite different.

I wish I could say that we were pouring over the results together, planning the perfect date for tonight. Sadly, Joel handed me the results without looking and promptly fell asleep. But I’m excited. I know we have some common ground to work with. I can ask for what I want.


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Mar 222012

Soft PackI’ve always been pretty happy with my vagina. In the last few years though, I’ve been wondering what it would feel like to have a penis. I’ve had a chance to play with dildos that gave me an idea of what it would be like to have an erect penis, but what about the rest of the time? How would it feel to have a bulge in my pants? What if I need to shift my package? What would I do if some cute person felt me up? I finally got a chance to find out when Babeland sent me a Soft Pack recently.

Soft Pack is a very lifelike artificial cock and balls. There are even veins just under the surface of the “skin.” It’s made out of Real-feel Superskin – I’m not sure what that is, but if feels amazing! It is a bit sticky, but everything I read said to dust it with a bit of cornstarch and that seems to help. Just be aware that it will pick up everything it comes in contact with. Which, of course, might be your goal. The magnetic properties of Soft Pack could totally help you find the right person.

Soft Pack peeking out of Evoë's undiesThis packer comes in two skin tones: Vanilla and Mocha. I went with Vanilla, which is paler than even my skin color. You also get four sizes to choose from. Despite being a size queen, I went with small, which is 5.75 inches from base to tip. This is a perfect size for me. It’s somewhat larger than most men would be while soft, big enough to leave a bulge in pants, yet not unwieldy. I don’t want to try to manage too much length, like the 7.75 inch length of the large! Who is that big when flaccid?

The squeeze test is the real indicator – can this cock pass as real when someone feels you up? I think so. It feels amazing through underwear. The size and materials make Soft Pack feel more semi-erect than soft, but totally authentic (and I am qualified to judge). I love playing with my new penis. I like letting it hang out of my pants. I’m pretty much insufferable with a cock. The balls are not really right. They are too small and I want testicles that slide around, but in pants they work just fine. I touch myself constantly.

Evoe with Soft PackSoft Pack sits just right in my boxer briefs – no need for straps, harnesses, or glue. It’s very comfortable. The base of the penis is hollowed out to create a mild suction cup. I haven’t tried strenuous exercise or dancing around, so it may require more for those kinds of activities. I haven’t figured out yet if I hang more to the right or the left. And for some reason, it’s much harder to fish my own dick out of underwear than someone else’s. Soft Pack is more rubbery.

At the price Babeland sells Soft Pack for ($16-$22) it’s worth getting one to play around with, regardless of your gender. Even people who already have penises might want to try out a more dramatic profile. Imagine the glances you’ll get!

Bottom line: Come on, you know you want a Soft Pack.

Grade: A


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Mar 192012

My HandI’ve reviewed so many sex toys that I thought perhaps it was time to go back to one of the classics, My Hand. My Hand came with the original package and has grown and evolved with my needs over the years. In some ways it is the ultimate sex toy, the thing that all sex toys attempt to do better.

Versatility is really key with My Hand. Not only can My Hand be utilized to bring pleasure to myself, it can also be used with any of my partners! This amazing piece of equipment can replace a paddle, a vibrator, a dildo, a men’s masturbatory sleeve, a butt plug, and some nipple clamps. My Hand also feels amazing just skimming along the skin’s surface or digging in for deep massage.

I used to use My Hand to get myself off, but over time I’ve come to enjoy vibrators more. If My Hand has a flaw, it’s that I can’t get it to vibrate fast enough. Still, it’s always handy in a pinch. It’s very flexible and easy to position, always the right temperature, and usually just the right size. Regretfully, I am unable to reach my own g-spot with My Hand.

I can reach my girlfriend’s g-spot however. My Hand transmits an amazing amount of sensation. Having My Hand inside of her is one of my favorite things in life. I can also squeeze and tease her nipples with My Hand. My Hand is also quite useful with my men, especially around the cock and balls, where some digital manipulation is well received. My Hand is fantastic at squeezing, rubbing, and pumping. But that’s not all! My Hand also has some probing action – perfect for back-door play. In fact, nothing is better for prostate stimulation than My Hand. Impact play is a natural, of course. You can’t get any more basic than slapping and spanking.

There are times when My Hand does not have a long enough reach. I should point out, while the power supply is phenomenal (no batteries!), the energy is not infinite. My Hand does sometimes get tired and may even cramp. Also, it requires some upkeep. Mainly, nail trimming and moisturizing. My Hand is a snap to clean though – just use soap and warm water. And safer sex is smooth in a non-latex glove. I think My Hand looks suave and stylish in the black ones.

My Hand comes in a variety of colors, most of them perfectly suited to the owner – none of that terrible pink color that many sex toys come in. No sex toy can compete with the portability of My Hand (except perhaps My Tongue). My Hand won’t take up valuable luggage space or invite ridicule from TSA agents.

I just adore how subtle My Hand is. I use it every day in millions of ways, have it right out in plain sight, and no one would ever guess that I just had My Hand in my partner’s ass. It’s that great! I can shake hands at a business meeting and they would only know that I use My Hand to spank my partner if they read my blog. I love mixing it up like that, as though our bodies are just normal when we have sex. It’s so cool.

My HandMy Hand is way more than a sex toy. I use it to flip people off, write, pick my nose, scratch backs, and tie shoes. I’ve never had a dildo that could do all of that. No, My Hand is pretty fucking brilliant. And the best part is the low, low cost. Unless you’ve somehow lost the one you were born with (or managed to be born without one), My Hand is in your grasp right now.

Bottom line: don’t wave goodbye to the vibrator just yet, but give a round of applause to My Hand.

Grade: A-


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Mar 182012

Green lightA week ago Harold and I got into a doozy of a fight. We don’t fight often, but when we do, it’s big. We are passionate  people. We’ve worked through most of the patterns our arguments have taken, resolved the childhood issues that tangled us up, and repaired the damage our disagreements inflicted on the relationship. It’s sometimes taken us a while, but we value what we have together. This latest altercation, though, it crossed a line.

For the first time, Harold got physical with me. I’ve lost it on him a few times before, but he’s never hurt me non-consensually before. It put me in a bit of a quandary. As a surviver I have a fierce determination to never put myself in a victim role again – although my playing the victim is exactly what set Harold off. As Harold’s partner I am familiar with his emotional state and what brought it on. This is the only pattern we haven’t been able to resolve yet. We end up in the same place with every major fight. I know what he was going through.

Still, I got hurt. It wasn’t okay. He knows it; we’ve talked it all through. I was able to talk to him about how angry I was. He agreed that it can’t happen again. We really got into the heart of this pattern. I think I can avoid his particular trigger (although he is still responsible for his actions). I believe we can dismantle this series of behaviors that we get trapped in. I am now at a pretty good place with regard to this fight.

I don’t think Harold has come to terms with what he did. I’m just realizing that, despite the repair work we’ve done, there is some distance between us. Everything seems okay on the surface, but it comes out in our sex. We’ve had a normal amount of sex – 3 or 4 times since the fight – but he hasn’t orgasmed with me once. That’s never happened before.

Harold is basically a 17 year old in a sixty year old body. His sex drive is fine, but he can’t always get his cock to play along. Erections are more fickle than they used to be. Fatigue, poor nutrition, stress, and emotional upset tend to affect his ability to get hard. He’s told me that if it just doesn’t feel right, he won’t get hard, but he’s always had a hard-on for me.

This past week Harold has gotten erections and the sex has felt fantastic. I haven’t had any troubles orgasming, but Harold…just hasn’t come. Sometimes one or the other of us doesn’t come. It happens, no worries. But 3 or 4 times in a row? I started thinking about all of the conversations we’ve been having about how his body follows his emotions. I think there’s an issue.

Maybe our argument is making it hard for him to open up to me again. Maybe he doesn’t believe that I want him. Maybe he doesn’t trust himself to let go. I don’t know. But I do trust him and I want him. Maybe I’m reading too much into this because I feel insecure. Maybe it is purely physical. I want our sex life to stay as fucking hot as it’s been for the past 4.5 years. I constantly fear losing the connection we have.

Perhaps it’s that fear of loss that motivates us to keep things clean between us. I don’t want to become complacent. That’s what ruins marriages. I have faith that we will resolve these patterns between us and things will be better than they ever have been before. Love matters.


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Mar 152012

Evoë and MysticThings are turning serious between my vibrator and me. We spend time together nearly every day. What started as a mere flirtation has deepened into somewhat more. It’s not that the Mystic Wand is epic. Nope, Mystic is steady, dependable, and knows just how to touch me right. We can bathe together, even tease Harold’s cock together. I’m living a dream.

I knew we’d crossed some kind of line when I started drifting off during our time together, entering that spiritual/meditative space that I normally only achieve with a partner. You know (I hope), that floaty place, where you are both more in your body than normal and also connected to everything in the universe. Pleasure is very easy for me there. I find that I play around with the vibrator, trying to draw out that feeling before I finally come.

Actually, as much as I love the Mystic, my new relationship isn’t with the vibrator. It’s with me. I’m learning to love and make love with myself. I’m learning that the special places I thought I could only Evoë kissing the Mystic Wandreach in connection with someone else actually are mine, to have any time I want. It’s feeling so good to surrender myself and just trance out on sensuality for a bit. I feel happy and centered afterward.

I’m just learning to love myself. I’m currently working on releasing anger. My anger has typically ended up as self loathing when I couldn’t express it. Now I am opening up and I have discovered that a boatload of resentment has been impeding my ability and right to get off. You know what? This is my body and I will use the Mystic Wand as many times as I want. We’ve got something good going on.

This must be what they mean by cosmic vibrations.


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Mar 102012

Tristan Taorminos Expert Guide to PeggingTristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Pegging, Strap-on Anal Sex for Couples, from Vivid Ed is an amazingly sexy video. Combining sex ed and porn is a model that works brilliantly and Tristan Taormino has built her career on creating books and videos that are both highly effective sex education and steaming hot porn. Expert Guide to Pegging is the finest example of her work I’ve seen to date, in large part because of the contributions of Dylan Ryan & Wolf Hudson, Jada Fire & Christian, and Jiz Lee & Mickey Mod.

If you are familiar with Tristan Taormino’s work, you know that she is famous for all things ass related, and pegging fits right in. At the beginning of the video, Tristan explains that the term pegging comes from a discussion of Dan Savage with his readers about what best to call it when a woman uses a strap-on to have anal sex with a man. The general consensus settled on “pegging,” and it has stuck. In fact, the term has now broadened to include a range of related activities also covered in this video – all the ways a woman can play with a man’s ass. Not just the strap-ons, also all the warm-up!

The first portion of the video is educational. Tristan Taormino is indeed expert in her explanations of what pegging is, how to talk to your partner about his feelings and desires, anatomy (including perineum, sphincter, rectum, and the prostate), hygiene, lube, warm-up for anal play, anal toys, strap-on harnesses & dildos, and positions. This segment is chock full of valuable information, illustrated with clips from the three couples featured, both discussing and demonstrating the salient points.

Dylan and Wolf kissingCare is given to emphasize that enjoying anal sex does not make you gay. I was also interested to learn that some men lose their erection during anal play because relaxing everything, relaxes everything, but that they are still enjoying the sensations. I think it’s also good to note that enemas are okay, but all you really need are good bowel habits, go to the bathroom before sex, and wash your ass and genitals when you bathe (which I hope you do anyway). Using lots and lots of lube was also stressed.

Warm-up is discussed quite a bit because, as Jada Fire explains, you don’t want to just shove it in there. Those kinds of experiences make people not like anal play. Instead, these experts recommend anilingus, also known as rimming, as well as massage of the opening.  After that, they tried inserting one finger, followed by another if that was well received.

The next suggestion was for anal toys. A variety are available, including beads, plugs, and prostate toys. We also get to see harnesses and dildos. There is a thorough discussion of how to select the harness/dildo combination that is best for you and your partner, explaining all of the various options. The final thing I gleaned was that the man should relax, relax, relax – although I assume that could also apply to a woman.

Jada and ChristianAfter all that wisdom, we get to see the couples in action. First they talk about pegging and then they have sex. They are not simply showing anal techniques; they are incorporating anal play into love-making. It’s the full sexual experience. I adore the intense chemistry each pair has. Their sex is hot, and a pleasure to watch (I didn’t fast-forward through any of it).

Dylan Ryan and Wolf Hudson are cute and energetic. It’s obvious that Wolf feels some trepidation, but Dylan is so present with him. Dylan Ryan is my new role-model on how to ask for what you want during sex. She is sweet and sexy and grounded.

Jada Fire and Christian tickle me because of Christian’s obvious enthusiasm for anal. I want to bend him over. He’s this big shaved buff guy and Jada is very lush and girlie, with long manicured nails. Christian just seems so into everything Jada does and she looks amused and turned on.

Mickey sitting on JizI have a crush on genderqueer Jiz Lee. Jiz is gorgeous and perfectly paired with Mickey Mod. The two of them give each other long erotic looks that make my pussy wet. Mickey’s butt-less underwear are scrumptious. I am so happy that Jiz and Mickey do some gender play. They finally end up in the shower with some mutual masturbation and Jiz spurting. Yay!

The menu pathways of Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Pegging are excellent. Everything is laid out in a logical and accessible way. The Special Features include some stuff from Vivid, and a short on safer sex, an enema how-to, a strap-on guide, and information about solo prostate stimulation. It’s all excellent. Honestly, it might be my favorite of the porn videos that I’ve watched in the past year. I’m totally feeling inspired to do more pegging. Thanks Tristan!


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Mar 052012

Evoë in the rainI don’t know what’s up with my sex life. I had a root canal 3 days ago and I’ve been in a lot of pain since. I’ve felt so much pain that I gave in and took Percocet. Normally I would avoid narcotics because I don’t like feeling muddled. I don’t want to depend on drugs to feel good. But at a certain point, the pain gets to be too much and I cave. I’ve spent much of the past 3 days high.

Percocet does weird things to my libido. On one hand, being out of pain is a relief and makes me more receptive to sexual activity. On the other hand, narcotics make me feel kind of crazy. I feel distant and detached from my body. But my body is ovulating. My cunt is super wet and ready to go. My brain on drugs considers sex in a philosophical way – contemplating the deep eroticism of touch. I am both turned on and not present in my body.

I want to be sexual. We kiss slowly and deeply. I cut his his hair in a haze of sensuality. We shower together, bodies sliding soapily in the hot spray. His hands grasp my hips and cup my breasts. I enjoy these activities, but my brain never really engages. I never take it a step further.

After 3 days of intense foreplay with little follow through, my brain starts to foment rebellion, ways to overthrow the tyranny of narcotics. I feel manic. I want wild, sudden, rough sex. I need to prove that my body is still mine. I am on fire. I struggle to feed my desire in ways that I won’t regret later. We manage to find a way to fuck long enough for me to orgasm, but it just adds fuel to the fire.

The drugs still cloud my mind. It reminds me of negative experiences, of being drugged and raped, but I am doing my best to reclaim even this feeling. I should be able to take pain medication without being triggered. I can feel sexual because that’s mine. I own my sexuality. I’m always working so hard to prove that to myself. It’s just that the drugs make clear thought a challenge.

Evoë under umbrellaIt’s about control. I don’t want to lose control and the narcotics make it hard for me to think. If I needed to quickly think my way out of a situation, I wouldn’t be able to. If I feel like someone else has my back, I can relax, maybe even enjoy the feeling of being high. Mostly, I am struggling so hard to stay in control that I am allowing myself only a narrow window. This desire for wild abandon is my attempt to open up and let go. I know that I could have a good time, even on drugs, if I just let go.

I made it through last night – trapped in my body and hazy mind, wishing with all my might to be fucked, but doing my best to be a good mom. I wanted to let go. Sadly, no chance for even a few minutes alone with my vibrator. This morning the pain feels less, though the swelling is still present. I think I’m done with Percocet. I want my sex to be clean.


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Mar 022012

Jopen IntensityWhat if your vibrator not only brought you to orgasm, but also made every single one of your orgasms more intense? Good, right? This is exactly what Jopen claims their new vibrator, Intensity, does for you. Intensity has several important features: an electro-stim kegel exerciser, an inflation pump, and vibrators for the g-spot and clitoris. Combined, these features make up the most comprehensive women’s sex toy I’ve ever seen. While Intensity is odd looking, it’s clearly designed with the user in mind.

It’s the electro stimulation that makes this “adult pleasure product” stand out. Story goes that Intensity arose out of the development of a medical device designed to help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Age and childbirth can decrease pelvic muscle function, often causing incontinence, so such a device would already be quite valuable medically. Then women in their test group admitted that they were having intense orgasms, which happens because pelvic floor muscles are also partially responsible for the involuntary spasms that happen during orgasm. The medical team realized the erotic potential of their device and took it to Jopen. Intensity was born.

Intensity stimulation contact with Electrode GelThe shaft of Intensity has stimulation contacts on either side. When you turn the stimulation on, electrical currents cause the pelvic floor muscles to contract involuntarily – essentially exercising the muscles for you. It feels very strange, not at all unpleasant, but kind of like small punches or ripples inside the vagina. Intensity has 10 levels of electro-stim. I never made it past the 3rd level. That was plenty intense for me!

I have to confess that I find electrical play both scary and compelling. I have a bit of a medical fetish, so I’m drawn to anything that seems procedure-like. I really get off on Intensity in that way. But I’m terrified of shocking myself in a delicate area. The instructions for Intensity are very clear that you should not turn the power on until the shaft is inserted and make sure to turn the power off before removing the device in order to avoid electrical shock. Well, they don’t say it that way, but it’s what they mean.

testing electrical resistance of lubricantsBefore inserting Intensity, they say to put the included Electrode Gel on the stimulation contacts. My supposition is that this is in order to increase conductivity. I used it the first couple of times and I was alarmed to feel how hot my vagina was getting. I thought that it was the electrical current. Turns out, their Electrode Gel contains parabens, and I react very badly to parabens. Yuck. I would recommend using your regular lube. The shaft is large and needs a bit of lube anyway. Harold and I ran experiments on the conductivity of various lubes with a multi-meter. Using the ohm setting we were unable to measure any conductivity in either the Electrode Gel or my favorite lube. In practice, my lube worked just as well – better since it didn’t burn.

Once you have Intensity lubed up, you can gently insert the shaft into the vagina. I found that I needed to lift the clitoral stimulator (the “bunny”) up and arrange it in a good place. Then comes my favorite part, pumping it up! The shaft expands inside the vagina in order to bring the stimulation contacts closer to skin. The accordianesque shape is weird and cool. I love this idea and I haven’t ever seen a sex toy that expands like Intensity. I really enjoy the feeling of fullness. The shaft deflates with a touch of a button, allowing for easy removal.

Intensity control panelMy experience was that electrical stimulation alone wasn’t enough to get me off. That’s why Jopen added vibration for both the clitoris and the g-spot. There are 5 levels of vibration. I tended to stay around the 3rd setting. It did seem to take some positioning to get the vibration just right. The clitoris stimulation tickles or buzzes more than the deep vibration that I tend to prefer, but I was able to orgasm most of the time.

There are several features of Intensity that I particularly admire. The control panel is perfect. It is actually oriented to the woman using it. The controls are angled so that I can see the buttons while I’m using the device. I know that seems like a small thing, but so many sex toys have inconvenient and non-intuitive controls! I appreciate that the power button is easy to access. Being able to turn the whole thing off with a single button is necessary because my orgasms were so intense that I needed Intensity to stop as soon as I started coming. Also, you never know when you might be interrupted. And I have that fear of being shocked. I also like that the electrical stimulation (marked S) and the vibration (marked V) are controlled independently. I wanted to explore the stimulation for a while before adding vibration. Another feature I like is the way the batteries are inserted: There’s a threaded plug like on a hot water bottle, which unscrews so that 4 AAA batteries can be inserted one at a time, positive end down. It’s an elegant, user-friendly design.

Intensity can be washed with soap and water or the toy cleaner of your choice. This is a toy that cannot be immersed in water, so I feel very cautious. Unfortunately, it is toy that get dirty very easily. The accordion folds of the pump trap lube and secretions and the silicone seems to pick up every bit of stray lint in the vicinity. It may be best to wash carefully both before and after each use.

Jopen Intensity in useThis vibrator is pretty amazing. Intensity has some good things going for it. It turned me on, but it didn’t always get me off, I think because I wasn’t getting my brain involved in some fantasy to go with what my body was doing. I can’t say for sure if Intensity will improve all of my orgasms, but it makes sense that exercising the pelvic floor muscles this way could have health and sex benefits. Intensity is pricey at $250, but likely worth it for many people considering those potential benefits. I just wish it came in black – it totally doesn’t match my wardrobe or my bedroom.

Bottom line: interesting sex toy that has the potential to be life changing for women with weak pelvic floor muscles.

Grade: B+


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