Mar 152012

Evoë and MysticThings are turning serious between my vibrator and me. We spend time together nearly every day. What started as a mere flirtation has deepened into somewhat more. It’s not that the Mystic Wand is epic. Nope, Mystic is steady, dependable, and knows just how to touch me right. We can bathe together, even tease Harold’s cock together. I’m living a dream.

I knew we’d crossed some kind of line when I started drifting off during our time together, entering that spiritual/meditative space that I normally only achieve with a partner. You know (I hope), that floaty place, where you are both more in your body than normal and also connected to everything in the universe. Pleasure is very easy for me there. I find that I play around with the vibrator, trying to draw out that feeling before I finally come.

Actually, as much as I love the Mystic, my new relationship isn’t with the vibrator. It’s with me. I’m learning to love and make love with myself. I’m learning that the special places I thought I could only Evoë kissing the Mystic Wandreach in connection with someone else actually are mine, to have any time I want. It’s feeling so good to surrender myself and just trance out on sensuality for a bit. I feel happy and centered afterward.

I’m just learning to love myself. I’m currently working on releasing anger. My anger has typically ended up as self loathing when I couldn’t express it. Now I am opening up and I have discovered that a boatload of resentment has been impeding my ability and right to get off. You know what? This is my body and I will use the Mystic Wand as many times as I want. We’ve got something good going on.

This must be what they mean by cosmic vibrations.


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