Mar 262012

EvoëI just found out about a great new resource for couples to learn about each other’s fantasies. It’s an online interactive sex questionnaire called Mojo Upgrade. Mojo is an opportunity to let you and your partner discuss the things that turn you on. It’s totally free and confidential.

Here’s how it works: You tell Mojo whether you and your partner will be using the same computer or two computers (you will need to give them your email address for this option). Each person should fill out the questionnaire privately. You have to pick a gender and reveal your age. It presents a series of potential fantasies for you to indicate your level of interest: no, we already do it, if my partner is interested, and yes. It will take about 10 minutes for each person to finish.

After both partners have completed the survey, you get to see the results. Mojo filters out all of the no’s so the results are very positive. I felt like my boundaries were respected. The questions where both of you say yes are bold and purple. The ones that one person said yes to and the other was open are in bold. It’s easy to see where you are most compatible. The website even adds links to sex toys and such for things that you’ve indicated an interest to.

Joel and I tried out Mojo Upgrade. We both used my iPhone, which wasn’t ideal, but worked well enough. Answering these questions was a lot of fun. I feel like such a slut that we already do, or have done at some time, most of the things on the questionnaire. It’s also fun to realize that I have some hard limits, like brown showers and rape fantasies – those are perfectly fine things to be into, just not my kink. I thought that it was a fabulous resource for us as a couple because we’ve been in a bit of a slump recently. I tend to make assumptions about what will or will not work based on ages old information. So I don’t always ask for what I want.

Based on our results, I would say that we should be spending more time on foreplay including dirty talk, hair pulling, sharing porn, and sensuous massage. We should also be integrating more lingerie (on me) and spanking. Perhaps adding blindfolds and/or restraints. Beyond that we get a bit wild – double or triple penetration, group sex, public sex, bukkake, and pegging. Evidently Joel and I both long for romantic music, but we are likely to come to blows over musical selection. Our taste in music is quite different.

I wish I could say that we were pouring over the results together, planning the perfect date for tonight. Sadly, Joel handed me the results without looking and promptly fell asleep. But I’m excited. I know we have some common ground to work with. I can ask for what I want.


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  • Hardin Reddy

    This sounds great, but I’m surprised at his lack of enthusiasm.  Maybe after he rests.