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Jopen IntensityWhat if your vibrator not only brought you to orgasm, but also made every single one of your orgasms more intense? Good, right? This is exactly what Jopen claims their new vibrator, Intensity, does for you. Intensity has several important features: an electro-stim kegel exerciser, an inflation pump, and vibrators for the g-spot and clitoris. Combined, these features make up the most comprehensive women’s sex toy I’ve ever seen. While Intensity is odd looking, it’s clearly designed with the user in mind.

It’s the electro stimulation that makes this “adult pleasure product” stand out. Story goes that Intensity arose out of the development of a medical device designed to help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. Age and childbirth can decrease pelvic muscle function, often causing incontinence, so such a device would already be quite valuable medically. Then women in their test group admitted that they were having intense orgasms, which happens because pelvic floor muscles are also partially responsible for the involuntary spasms that happen during orgasm. The medical team realized the erotic potential of their device and took it to Jopen. Intensity was born.

Intensity stimulation contact with Electrode GelThe shaft of Intensity has stimulation contacts on either side. When you turn the stimulation on, electrical currents cause the pelvic floor muscles to contract involuntarily – essentially exercising the muscles for you. It feels very strange, not at all unpleasant, but kind of like small punches or ripples inside the vagina. Intensity has 10 levels of electro-stim. I never made it past the 3rd level. That was plenty intense for me!

I have to confess that I find electrical play both scary and compelling. I have a bit of a medical fetish, so I’m drawn to anything that seems procedure-like. I really get off on Intensity in that way. But I’m terrified of shocking myself in a delicate area. The instructions for Intensity are very clear that you should not turn the power on until the shaft is inserted and make sure to turn the power off before removing the device in order to avoid electrical shock. Well, they don’t say it that way, but it’s what they mean.

testing electrical resistance of lubricantsBefore inserting Intensity, they say to put the included Electrode Gel on the stimulation contacts. My supposition is that this is in order to increase conductivity. I used it the first couple of times and I was alarmed to feel how hot my vagina was getting. I thought that it was the electrical current. Turns out, their Electrode Gel contains parabens, and I react very badly to parabens. Yuck. I would recommend using your regular lube. The shaft is large and needs a bit of lube anyway. Harold and I ran experiments on the conductivity of various lubes with a multi-meter. Using the ohm setting we were unable to measure any conductivity in either the Electrode Gel or my favorite lube. In practice, my lube worked just as well – better since it didn’t burn.

Once you have Intensity lubed up, you can gently insert the shaft into the vagina. I found that I needed to lift the clitoral stimulator (the “bunny”) up and arrange it in a good place. Then comes my favorite part, pumping it up! The shaft expands inside the vagina in order to bring the stimulation contacts closer to skin. The accordianesque shape is weird and cool. I love this idea and I haven’t ever seen a sex toy that expands like Intensity. I really enjoy the feeling of fullness. The shaft deflates with a touch of a button, allowing for easy removal.

Intensity control panelMy experience was that electrical stimulation alone wasn’t enough to get me off. That’s why Jopen added vibration for both the clitoris and the g-spot. There are 5 levels of vibration. I tended to stay around the 3rd setting. It did seem to take some positioning to get the vibration just right. The clitoris stimulation tickles or buzzes more than the deep vibration that I tend to prefer, but I was able to orgasm most of the time.

There are several features of Intensity that I particularly admire. The control panel is perfect. It is actually oriented to the woman using it. The controls are angled so that I can see the buttons while I’m using the device. I know that seems like a small thing, but so many sex toys have inconvenient and non-intuitive controls! I appreciate that the power button is easy to access. Being able to turn the whole thing off with a single button is necessary because my orgasms were so intense that I needed Intensity to stop as soon as I started coming. Also, you never know when you might be interrupted. And I have that fear of being shocked. I also like that the electrical stimulation (marked S) and the vibration (marked V) are controlled independently. I wanted to explore the stimulation for a while before adding vibration. Another feature I like is the way the batteries are inserted: There’s a threaded plug like on a hot water bottle, which unscrews so that 4 AAA batteries can be inserted one at a time, positive end down. It’s an elegant, user-friendly design.

Intensity can be washed with soap and water or the toy cleaner of your choice. This is a toy that cannot be immersed in water, so I feel very cautious. Unfortunately, it is toy that get dirty very easily. The accordion folds of the pump trap lube and secretions and the silicone seems to pick up every bit of stray lint in the vicinity. It may be best to wash carefully both before and after each use.

Jopen Intensity in useThis vibrator is pretty amazing. Intensity has some good things going for it. It turned me on, but it didn’t always get me off, I think because I wasn’t getting my brain involved in some fantasy to go with what my body was doing. I can’t say for sure if Intensity will improve all of my orgasms, but it makes sense that exercising the pelvic floor muscles this way could have health and sex benefits. Intensity is pricey at $250, but likely worth it for many people considering those potential benefits. I just wish it came in black – it totally doesn’t match my wardrobe or my bedroom.

Bottom line: interesting sex toy that has the potential to be life changing for women with weak pelvic floor muscles.

Grade: B+


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