Apr 102012

Evoë at the hot tubsI wanted something different for our date this week, someplace to get away to. Harold and I have been going through a spate of arguments lately – largely because I’m working through more big emotional things and I’ve been bitchy. It’s been rocky. So I wanted to relax and reconnect with each other in a space that we haven’t been to. I took him to the hourly hot tub place. I’ve been fantasizing about making love there ever since Joel and I went.

It’s a bit of a drive, about 45 minutes, but that’s okay because it gave us a chance to talk. The first hour of our dates are always spent talking anyway. We need the time to get caught up after being apart for a few days. It helps to sync up our energy – make sure that there isn’t anything lurking in our psyches that needs to be addressed. I require a mental health check in order to open up and be truly intimate with my partner. Wild sex requires trust. Talking helps.

The hot tub place is fairly unassuming when you enter, nice, but kind of comfortable. The service was fantastic and the guy at the desk didn’t blink an eye at our camera gear. We got situated in our room – shower, sauna, tub, narrow bed, stereo system. Perfect for boinking. I could just feel my tension melting.

Using Mystic Wand in the tubI rinsed off in the shower, the industrial spray hitting my nipples like needles. I sat at the edge of the tub and dipped my toes in. I sat at the edge and ran my vibrator lightly over my clit, through my labia. After a while I eased into the water and luxuriated in the warmth, feeling free and weightless. Harold let me have my space while I eased into my first orgasm, then he joined me in the tub.

We gravitated toward each other, half floating, able to twine around each other in new ways. There is so much comfort in being held skin-to-skin. I love him so much but things have been difficult for the last bit. I’m angry, but not at him. I know that I have been pushing him away, even while I want him to stay close. I needed that time with him in the hot tub. Time to just be together peacefully.

blow job in the hot tubPeaceful quickly became sexual for us. Despite the challenges of fucking under water, he slid into me. We experienced the exquisite joy of movements being simultaneously slowed and amplified by the water. His thrusts were muted, but the motion caused ripples against my flesh. It created new possibilities as we anchored ourselves with our hands and floated. I could have stayed there forever, but natural lubrication doesn’t hold up under water and the silicone lube was across the room.

We took turns going down on each other. I really like oral sex. I especially liked being in the water with Harold’s cock at eye level as he sat on the edge of the tub. It felt both sexy and relaxing. For me it had an edge of power play as well, I think because he was above me, yet sucking cock makes me feel powerful.

We took a break to rehydrate and have a snack. We sat in the sauna for a while, sweat pouring down our faces and bodies. We went out to the bed. I poured lube in my hands and started on Harold’s cock, lavishing lots of stroking and repetitive motion, really getting into the feel of it. Hand jobs can be so meditative. Then I laid him down and rode him til I came.

kissing in the hot tubI went back for a few last minutes in the hot tub before showering off, all of my limbs feeling loose and my heart bursting with love. The hot tub was continuously filling up and spilling over, like my emotions have been lately. It occurred to me that maybe it was for the same reasons – basic hygiene. Keeping everything flowing makes sure that the system stays clean.


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  • Hardin Reddy

    I love hot tub sex, and have been fortunate in that my lovers don’t dry up in the water and so we can keep going till orgasm without the buzzkill of lubing up.  I know that’s not true of every woman, though.