Apr 142012

about to kissI’m just waking up, sitting in bed with coffee in hand, but I haven’t had a sip yet. He comes out of the office and stands at the foot of the bed, talking to me. I’m not really hearing what he’s saying. I’m watching his body language and wishing that he had woken me up with sex this morning. It’s not that I’m feeling sexy, really. I just want him close to me.

I tell him I want him and like a shot, he slips off his shoes and slides into bed with me. We fit together perfectly. I press tight against him and our mouths meet. It’s an explosion of sweetness in my heart. Our lips are soft together. A flurry of little kisses draw us closer. My hand follows the broad expanse of his chest. His tongue parts my lips and I open for him.

It feels incredible to kiss like this. I’m so present in the moment… lips pressed… mouth inviting… tongues exploring… breath shared… this is heaven. His fingers are cool against my skin as he rests his hand against my throat, gripping slightly. My heart races and my cunt spasms. I adore the feel of his hand on my neck. It turns me on, but I’m intent on making out.

I thrust my tongue deep into his mouth. He starts to moan a bit and his fingers follow my spine to the small of my back. He pulls me tight against his side while pressing his lips tighter to mine. His hand happens to be applying pressure to the bruises on my back that I acquired yesterday when we fucked on the floor of the office. I am thinking of that and how hot that spontaneous sex was while we kiss. We’re pretty good together.

making outI am floating in love and bliss as I nibble on his lips. I don’t think that I am interested in anything very sexual for the moment, but his hand wanders down to my crotch. He teases me, not actually hitting anything that would be just right. At first I wonder why he’s being obtuse, and then I realize that he’s doing it on purpose to get me riled up. All of a sudden I very much want him to bring me to orgasm.

He shifts and slides down my body so his face hovers over my vulva. I spread my legs for him. I want him to kiss these lips. He lowers his face, nuzzling into my furry cunt. My breath catches and my fingers trace the edges of my mouth as I lose myself to the sensations.

His fingers slide into me. Each thrust is exquisite and his tongue is sending heat up into my belly. My body rocks in time with his motions. I can feel myself getting close to orgasm, my cunt sucking at his fingers to try and bring him deeper inside. I want to draw it out, revel in the sensations, but it feels too good. I come hard around his hand, hips bucking and rolling. His hand cups my mound, letting me push out a few final spasms of pleasure against his palm.

Being kissedWe’ve made a mess. His hand is soaked and I’m lying in a big wet spot. I don’t care because I feel fantastic. We kiss again. I love him so much – and not just because he makes me come. I feel a little guilty that our love making is rather one sided this morning, but he reminds me of how I feel when I go down on him. I enjoy it immensely and laugh at the idea of it being one sided. I can see that it would be the same for him.

We kiss some more, then he goes downstairs to make breakfast. I sip my coffee. I gaze out the window, remembering the feel of his lips on mine. I love making out!


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