Apr 152012

Octopussy emerging from the snowThe mermaid swam faster, golden peals of laughter tumbling over her shoulder as she gauged her lead on the octopus chasing her. The massive cephalopod was gaining, tentacles propelling him closer! Too late, she turned to find a large rock looming directly in front of her. She was trapped! She turned to face her pursuer, breathless with expectation. He pinned her to the rock with several strong arms. Tentacles curled tenderly around each of her nipples and his beak found the spot that made her scream in ecstasy every time. Just as her octopus lover brought her to the edge, tentacles slipped inside her mouth and cunt, filling her completely…

Tentacles in delicate placesIf you’ve ever had tentacle fantasies, Babeland has a dildo for you – Pipedream’s Icicles No. 24, aka Octopussy. The Icicles line is all hand blown glass “massagers” in a variety of shapes and sizes. No. 24 is a scintillatingly crafted, elegantly curved and pseudo suction-cupped tentacle. It’s a very fetching and entirely appropriate  shade of pink. This dildo is beautiful and brilliant!

I confess to being a bit intimidated by Octopussy at first. It’s girth and extreme texture made me worry about comfort, but with a bit of lube, everything was fine. I found the bumps and textures to be quite pleasant. The playful loop of the tentacled tip makes for a useful handle when thrusting. The length is perfect for me, but the curve is not quite right to hit my g-spot.

This is a blown glass toy, so everything is smooth. In fact, it feels great. I love glass – I like the weight and heft of it, the beauty of it, and how easy it is to clean up. Just soap and water, or even the top of the dishwasher. The best part about glass is that you can easily play with temperature, warming or cooling the toy to the desired level.

Tako to ama retouched

Hokusai, 1814

Octopussy’s biggest lure, however, is in the realm of fantasy. Women have contemplated tentacles as objects of lust for centuries. This Japanese erotic woodcut by Hokusai from 1814, called The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, depicts a female diver in the amorous embrace of two octopuses. Even Picasso painted erotic images of women and tentacled sea creatures. Modern art forms, from Hentai to sci-fi aliens, are exploring the erotic potential of cephalopods. If you’ve ever imagined yourself in the sexy grasp of a tentacle, perhaps this dildo can put the octopus in your pussy.

Bottom line: quality toy full of fantasy potential.

Grade: B


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