Apr 272012

toyfriend StarletMy first thought was that it looked like a giant crochet hook. My second, that it was very pink. Followed by, how quickly can I get this thing out of the package? I’ve been hearing great things about the toyfriend line for a while, so when Babeland sent me the toyfriend Starlet, I was pretty excited. The Starlet is an impressive package.

At 6.5 inches long and 1.25 inches diameter, this vibrator is just about my perfect size for internal use. With the broad flat, angled head, I believe that this is meant to be a g-spot toy. The slogan on the box seems to support this: “I’m up and coming and oh so hot, my ambition will hit your spot.” Except that it doesn’t for me. I think that my anatomy is different from most people’s because generally, g-spot toys don’t hit my g-spot.

That’s okay though, because Starlet works wonders on the clitoris as well. I like the broad head because it spreads vibration over a distributed area, but the edges are great if you want pinpointed stimulation. This vibe has 5 simple settings – 2 solid speeds (but I can’t tell the difference between them) and 3 patterns. I found all of the settings to be a bit buzzy against my clit. I quickly felt so sensitive that I had to move the vibrator away, but still managed to come with some creative positioning.

Starlet comes with batteries, which totally wins toyfriend bonus points from me. I will say that the batteries only lasted through a few uses, leaving me dripping wet, clutching the Starlet and yelling down the stairs to Harold to please grab me two AAA batteries. I caught a lot of shit for that. Anyway, the base unscrews and the batteries slide in, easy as can be.

toyfriend Starlet in actionThe single button is on the bottom, making it straightforward to turn on and rotate through the settings. Turning Starlet off is as simple as holding the button down for 2 seconds. My only problem was that when I was using the vibe internally and trying to get a good position, I kept turning it off accidentally.

This vibe is made of high quality silicone. It’s hard and soft and smooth, except for the stamped in logo taking up about 2 inches on one side (I didn’t feel it when in use). I love that Starlet doesn’t pick up lint or anything. It’s totally easy to wash and care for, since it’s waterproof (I’ve used mine in tub and shower). Oh, and water-based lube is going to be best for this toy.

I generally like fairly quiet vibrators because it’s nobody’s business what I’m up to. I would say this one is medium to quiet. You can hear it over the shower noise, but not from the next room with the door open. It’s still kinda noisy, but I find it acceptable for my needs.

One of my favorite things about toyfriend is that they have little plastic stands that come with their vibes. I love that my Starlet can be stored or displayed standing up. You could collect the whole line and display them on your mantle like you are the winner of some erotic awards. Or it could simply decorate your bedside table and be right at your fingertips when in need. Mine is actually going to live in my shower.

toyfriend Starlet in useThere are a few downsides: I don’t like the color (toyfriend can call it magenta all they want, it’s still pink). It’s not a good toy for anal play. It doesn’t hit my g-spot, even though it feels nice inside my cunt. It can be difficult for me to orgasm using it, but generally when used in conjunction with other things, it’s a nice addition.

Although this isn’t a vibe that stands out in the sea of sex toys, there are some things I really like about Starlet: the size and shape is really good. I can get adequate depth and the flat surface of the head feels great on my clit. It’s high quality. I appreciate the construction and material of this vibe. The vibration patterns are actually effective. This is probably the first vibrator I’ve used where the special vibration patterns did anything for me.

Bottom line: probably a great first vibrator.

Grade: B


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