Apr 012012

Walking on a Spring morningI’m feeling Spring in my body. This morning I went for a 4 mile walk. It was brisk, but I could see signs of returning life all along the trail – lush moss, tiny flower buds emerging, pale green leaves bravely opening to the light rain. It was still fairly early in the morning and the air itself seemed full of promise. That’s Spring – a promise of things to come. Life ready to explode into action. In other words, Spring is all about sex.

I feel Spring physically. For the past week my pussy has been wet all of the time. I’m ready for all of these things that are coming. This morning I felt so good that I took my clothes off and spent some time naked on the trail. It was magical. I still feel fresh and renewed. Almost like there is some secret to the morning that you can only feel with your flesh.

It didn’t end there though. I came home and Joel did his best to warm my chilled ass cheeks. One thing led to another and we ended up fucking in the shower, warm mist swirling around us. A hard man is good to find, but it was the shower head and some intense nipple stimulation that made me come. I feel full of love.

Not everything about Spring is good. All the pollen from the trees having sex is wreaking havoc with Joel’s allergies. Some days he can barely open his eyes. I’ve been having a struggle with depression and anxiety, but getting out this morning is helping me to feel more hope. And that’s what Spring is about for me – the hope of a brighter future, the power of life as manifested through sex, and knowing that everything is getting ready to change.

Happy Spring everyone!


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