Jun 072012

BlyssThe people I love are pretty wonderful. I’m glad that I am polyamorous, in multiple relationships with other people who are also in multiple relationships, because I would hate to have to chose among them. This way I can let each relationship be exactly what it is, without trying to force things into some preconceived ideal of a relationship. It’s not that I don’t believe in monogamy – that totally works for a lot of people. I’m just very thankful for my many loves.

Recently I needed a break and wanted to hike to Goldmyer Hot Springs. Joel willingly held down the fort so I could go. He’s fabulous that way, taking care of the children so I can work or play. My other two loves, Harold and Blyss, hiked with me. Blyss and I are new together and still figuring out how things go, but we’ve all been friends for a long time. She and Harold get along well. In fact, I loved watching them flip each other shit as we walked.

It felt natural to hold hands with one or the other for a time then drift apart. Harold and Blyss are not romantically involved with each other, so rather than forming a triangle together, we are a V, with me at the point and either of them at the ends. Lucky me! Lots of kisses! But my favorite part was just how easy and relaxed everything was.

oral sex in the hot springsThe hot springs are such a magical place. When I’m there my cares melt away. I feel more present, more in my body, and more turned on. Maybe it’s the inundation of the senses – the soothing roar of the river as it rushes past, the sting of cold raindrops on warm flesh, the fresh smell of the water and surrounding plants, the bright flashes as birds dart by. The power and serenity of the space lets me feel more myself than normal and lucky for us, no one else was there that day.

I made my way back into the cave where the spring comes out of the rock. In the heavy, moist air, I sat in the darkness and meditated. My Blyss came to sit next to me. My fingers slowly traced the broad curves of her breasts. I kissed her in the wet darkness, feeling the line of her jaw, her neck, and the hollow between her breasts. I had a moment of knowing perfection – a sacred being connected to another sacred being, in a sacred place. We parted without words and I made my way back out of the cave.

making out in the hot springsLater, I came together with Harold, our bodies intertwined in the water. Our intimacy slowly grew with kisses and groping. I stood over him and he licked my pussy while squeezing my ass. I eased back into the water and took his cock in my mouth before moving up to kiss some more. We looked into each other’s eyes and I carressed his hard on. We had a delicious sense of connection without any real urgency to act sexually.

We got home just in time for Joel to get to his engagement. We talked on the phone to make sure we were both doing okay. Later, when I burst into tears for reasons I was not able to articulate, Blyss and Harold bundled me into bed and both snuggled me. Cozy domestic things comfort me.

It’s this kind of togetherness that makes me happy to be poly. It’s the normal, everyday life things – making dinner, reading bedtime stories to the kids, taking a hike together. Yes, the sex makes me very happy, but in the end, it’s love. And I have lots and lots of love.


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