Aug 262012

When I start to feel bad about my body, I go through short term love-affairs with specific parts. I have, at different times, enjoyed my toes, my lips, my clitoris, my ass, and my hands. This adoration is both an exploration and a celebration of myself. It feels private and intimate – just something that I do with and for myself.

Currently, I love my breasts. They need my love. My breasts are not the same since I lost weight. I haven’t been very comfortable with my breasts because they look different, but I am transforming my self esteem with love.

I like my curves, but my favorite part of my breasts are my nipples. I am so sensitive! I want my lovers to play with my nipples until I come. Squeezing and tweaking them gets me so hot!

I’m touching my breasts right now…

A perfect breast

By Blyss Enns

Reaching for the nipple

By Blyss Enns


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  • Molly

    You have beautiful breast and quite delicious nipples. I love you idea of loving certain parts of your body. I have my favourite bits of mine… maybe I will think about writing about those bit by bit.


  • Yes, THAT Tonya

    I love seeing the immediate change in your nipples. They are so yummy-looking!

    I have a lot of weight I want to lose and I’ve always been hesitant because my breasts are probably my favorite body part. I don’t want them to change and I’m pretty sure they would.

  • LustingLola

    Lovely breasts, indeed. I love the idea of loving at least one part of your body when you don’t always love it as a whole. That’s great advice!

  • Mia

    Gorgeous breast and such a tempting nipple there too!!!

    ~MIa~ xx

  • KaziGrrl

    Your pierced nips look lovely. I’ve paid so much more attention to mine since I got them pierced, and they are much more sensitive to play now :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Curvaceous Dee

    Love-affairs with specific body parts can be incredibly healing and helpful, I think. (I did this with my toes earlier in the week.)

    Your breasts look beautiful in these images – I particularly like your fingers caressing in the second photograph.

    xx Dee

  • Penny

    Beautiful images! I agree with Dee, I love your fingers touching in the second one, so sexy!

  • Satisfying Starr

    Your breasts are absolutely beautiful as shown in the photos you posted of them. I also enjoy love affairs with body parts. I relate to that. Enjoy giving your breasts the love they deserve.

  • Jack (and Jill)

    Judging by the images you’ve shared, you have absolutely gorgeous breasts. We can’t thank you enough for sharing such beautiful shots of them.

  • solitudinarian

    Beautiful breasts! :) Lovely composition and lighting too. Sensitive nipples are so fun, I love having mine pinched and tugged at.

  • Naughty Tashamber

    Beautiful pictures! My nipples have become more sensitive since I got them pierced, so I love having them played with now too. I love how you are cupping your perfect breast in the second picture.