Sep 022012

It is mysterious how our jangly energy can eventually come together so strongly. We feel each other acutely. We make love until we flow together, our energies combined. He feels my restless anger. I sense how much my ire invokes his distress, his need to serve and heal. I need magic to deepen our bond before it unravels. He hands me the cane.

I give him my emotion in the form of pain. It is an exchange. He takes my anger and transforms it into something beautiful. I safeguard him, give him a channel for his expression. It is an exchange. I whip the cane hard against his ass, leaving a welt. He lets loose a mighty roar and I rest my hand on his back. He is mine. He can handle this pain because it has a purpose – he is setting me free. It is an exchange. The energy flows from me to him and back again. We have found a place of extreme connection. Each stripe we raise on his ass is alchemy. We are transforming our pain into golden love.


Sinful Sunday

  • Marie Rebelle

    WOW! The words, combined with the image… just… WOW!

  • Molly

    YES! So perfectly written that I almost cried. Thank you.


  • Penny

    What a breathtaking post and perfect image to go with it!

  • Curvaceous Dee

    Utterly, profoundly, gorgeous.

    xx Dee

  • Jill (and Jack)

    Breathtaking! Such a sexy ass (not that his balls aren’t totally hot too) and the marks make an erotic design.

  • Inferno

    Umm, ouch! Well written, but I’m a pain wimp myself so first thought was “ouch!”

  • KaziGrrl

    Lovely welts! And your words were so powerful :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Blacksilk

    Lovely marks and such a fantastic piece of writing before that. I love the alchemy analogy. Really speaks to me!

  • Lady Pandorah

    Ow. Beautifully rendered marks and writing.
    LP x

  • Jana

    Gorgeous.. Your writing is evocative and the pattern of marks on that fine ass just make me go purr…

    xoxo Jana

  • Mia

    What what a perfect combination of words and image!!!

    ~Mia~ xx