Oct 072012

I slide out from under the warm blankets, bare flesh shocked to wakefulness by the crisp chill in the room. The cold floor against my feet is especially bracing. I hurry to the bathroom. Outside my window, the leaves are starting to turn. Flashes of yellow and red are now mixed with green.

I catch my face in the mirror. The seasons are turning for me as as well, little lines forming around the corners of my eyes. My breasts and belly are not as firm as they once were, and yet I am more comfortable in my body than I was in the Spring of my life. Autumn seems to be full of expectation and joy for things to come.

Thinking of things to come, I rush back to bed. I burrow back under the covers, laughing and breathless. He rolls over and opens his arms to welcome me. My skin quickly warms against his. I contort, trying to tuck my toes under his scrotum. It becomes a giggling wrestling match.

I get pinned under him, warm and tingly. I want nothing more than his kiss and he is happy to oblige. I feel so safe and loved. Our kisses are long, slow, and deep. We kiss until I can’t feel the difference between him and me. We kiss until I am wet with desire.

Going downHis kisses travel under the blanket, hot tongue circling each nipple. I am gasping, full of want. I love his attention on my nipples but I am impatient. I urge him lower. I peek under the sheets as he settles his face over my cunt. He grins at me and sticks out his tongue. He pushes my knees apart and my vulva opens for him. Covering my entire cunt with little licks, he makes sure that I am wet everywhere before settling on my clit.

I am groaning and writhing as he sweats under the blankets. He sucks at my clit and flicks with the tip of his tongue. It is an exquisite sensation, almost too intense to handle. I start to bounce a bit and tighten the muscles in my thighs. I want to be fucked. Surely he is suffocating down there, but he just keeps going.

He presses his fingers against my opening. I press back. Without stopping his tongue movements at all, he slides first one finger, then two into my cunt. It feels divine. When he thrusts deep inside and presses his fingers up I think I’m going to pass out from sheer pleasure. My eyes roll and flutter. I pass from want to need. I NEED to be fucked.

Between his fingers and his tongue I am pinned. I feel my orgasm start to build deep inside. His motions are like ocean waves that suck me back and cast me forth again. But the tide is coming in. Oh yes. Yes, yes, yesss. I am screaming with each pulse of my incredible orgasm. He keeps coming for a long while.

Suddenly, I need his cock more than I’ve ever needed anything. I reach under the covers, pulling him to me, kissing his face messy with my juices, feeling for his penis. I find him already hard. I want to put him in my mouth, but I also just want to fuck. After pumping a few times with my hand, penetrative sex wins. I am begging him to fuck me. Please, please put your cock in me!

We are sweat soaked and sticky and radiating love for each other. He pauses, poised above me, ready to full me with his cock, and looks into my eyes. I know he is making sure that I really want this. He is asking me to see him, to share his love. I nod and take him in. We look deep into each other’s eyes as we become one. Then the sensation overtakes us and we cling to each other.

ComingWe are twisted in the sheets, gasping and striving. I love him over me. The movement of the muscles along his body feel strong and alive. I adore being held safe in his arms as he glides toward his own orgasm, taking me with him. I can tell that he’s close because his breathing changes. My focus shifts to my own orgasm. We build together, feeding off of each other’s energy. I tip over the edge and take him with me. We are coming, and coming, and coming together.

We collapse, throwing back the too hot blankets. The cool autumn air cools our skin and evaporates our sweat. I leave a trail of tiny kisses on his arm. We can hear the children start to stir downstairs. Our thoughts are already sliding to coffee, breakfast, reading, yard work, showers, and a hundred Sunday details. But for right now, we have this perfect moment, this perfect Autumn Sunday moment.