Nov 222012

I like to cook. Food is a fascinating artistic medium as well as a sensuous pleasure. I enjoy experimenting with taste, texture, and color. Baking is science and I want to experiment with all of the possibilities. Our family has a variety of dietary limitations so I am constantly challenged to find interesting solutions to traditional recipes. Thankfully, since I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking with a partner gets me hot. All of the smelling and tasting and kissing goes right to my cunt. On more than one occasion we have ended up naked on the kitchen floor, rolling around covered in olive oil.

Yesterday I wanted to get a head start on my holiday preparations while the children were still at school by baking pumpkin pies. I also asked Blyss to help me with some sexy photos. Why not combine the two since the kitchen is loaded with erotic potential? This fun and hotness ensued…

 It started with the blender

The immersion blender is so phallic and full of vibration. It’s giving me ideas!

Licking the spatula

Just a taste. I like to lick.

I want to do dirty things with coconut milk

This coconut milk is so creamy. I just want…

Just a taste

The creamy milk covers my tongue and drips down my chest, warm and sweet.

It feels sensuous

It feels so sensuous to have the coconut milk run down my chin and between my breasts. I want more.

Coconut milk dripping off one breast

Coconut milk covers my breast and nipple, lusciously  dripping on my belly.

Milk down the back, ass, and thighs

I need to try out the sensation on my back. My cunt starts opening with the erotic flow of sweet liquid pouring over my ass. I haven’t had this much fun in a while.

Totally turned on

A silken sheen covers my body as I slide in the pooled milk. I long to be fucked.

Beyond turned on

I’m beyond turned on, in that place where I need release so bad. What can I do?

fucking the whisk

I’m embarrassed to be this intimate with a kitchen tool, but this wire whisk has a handle just perfect for fucking.

Wire whisk fucking

I clutch the whisk, driving it deeper toward my g-spot. I can’t believe how good it feels.

Satisfied at last

I am finally sated, covered head to toe in coconut milk and blissfully happy. And I have just enough time to mop the floor and take a shower before the children get home!

(Photos by Blyss Enns)

Sinful Sunday

  • Jillian Boyd

    Wow, that’s really quite hot! I love your description of what food means to you.

    xoxo Jillian

  • Marie Rebelle

    WOW, baking is quite a hot business! Love the story and the photos!

    Rebel xox

  • Molly

    This is beautiful, sensual and very erotic…. I LOVE the 7th picture with the milk running down your back and separating in a ‘v’ around your pussy. Fuck that is hawt!


  • travelnurse

    When I am doing my baking, I will think of you!

  • Mia

    I’ve used one of those wire whisks in the past they really do hit the right spot!!!! These are sexy, erotic and very horny and like Molly I love the 7th picture for exactly the same reasons!!!


    ~Mia~ xx

  • Hubman

    Veronica is baking in the kitchen right now, but I don’t think she’s having quite as much fun as you had!

    One of the best parts of this post for me? The thought of you doing this before the kids got home, I love the naughty-mom factor

  • geekynymph

    Such a sexy line of photos! The coconut milk is just lovely dripping down your body.

  • Curvaceous Dee

    … I never thought of using a wire whisk like that! Love this entire series – but that coconut milk on your chin just really get me. Wow.

    xx Dee

  • this girl

    You use coconut milk in pumpkin pie?

  • Evoe Thorne

    I made some gluten-free vegan pumpkin pies!

  • Penny

    Awesome series, I especially love the one of the milk running down your back and between your cheeks, so sexy!

  • KaziGrrl

    Oh, love this series!! You certainly had the best fun :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Yes, THAT Tonya (@TisforTMI)

    Oh my! Being in the kitchen has never looked so good! I’ll be happy to offer assistance anytime you need help baking! Or cleaning up… ;)

  • Holt D. Harstad