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Evoë all dressed up and ready to goI can’t say that I’m sorry to see 2012 go. I’m ready for a fresh start, yet, looking back, it’s been an interesting year. I’ve picked some of my favorite posts – ones that really capture the essence of 2012. Whether this will be a nostalgic romp through your favorite posts, or your first time on this blog, I hope you enjoy my year in review…

  1. Bald – I started off 2012 by shaving my head (and most of the rest of my body hair) because I needed a change. It was an amazing experience that brought up all kinds of body image emotions. In retrospect, it was a good choice. I’m happy to have started 2012 with a clear head.
  2. I’ve got it bad – One of my highlights of 2012 was starting my relationship with Blyss. I wrote this post after our second time making love together, when I had the awesome experience of putting my whole hand inside her cunt. I love this post for all of it’s insecurities and ecstatic new relationship energy.
  3. Review: My Hand – I do a lot of reviews, but in March, I decided to go back to basics and write up a review of of the classic sex toy, My Hand. It’s my favorite review ever because it lets my silly sense of humor shine. Bottom line: don’t wave goodbye to the vibrator just yet, but give a round of applause to My Hand.
  4. I squirted! – This year April showers really did bring May flowers. I finally figured out how to ejaculate! After lots of research and months of trying, Harold got me to gush, and we’ve been enjoying the results ever since.
  5. Cunt – I love everything about this post. The photos are my favorites ever of my cunt and it was so powerful for me to write about the process of healing from sexual abuse. I really have come to own myself through the word “cunt.”
  6. Hunting weight – One of my major milestones of 2012 was meeting my weigh loss goal of 50 pounds. It was interesting to look back and see that thinner wasn’t necessarily better (I have liked myself at every weight), but I am very proud of meeting that goal.
  7. Poly family camping – Another highlight of my year has been the way that my polyamorous family has really come together. In July we went camping at the ocean for 4 nights. I was so impressed with how we all worked together to make sure that everyone’s needs were met and everyone had fun. There was even some hot sex with each of my guys!
  8. What not to do for anal sex – Every so often I do something really stupid sexually. While I find it embarrassing, I tend to share these mistakes on the blog, just in case it saves someone else from making them. For example, I would not advise using antimicrobial gel to clean up after anal sex and before vaginal penetration. Just… no.
  9. Pianoforte – We started participating in Sinful Sunday, posting an image every Sunday. We were lucky enough to win first place in our first competition, but didn’t always get recognized for the images we were most proud of, like Pain made beautiful or Vamp.
  10. Mortality – In October Harold turned 64. For some reason it finally struck me that he is 24 years older than me and he will likely die first. It has left me cherishing every kiss and every chance to make love.
  11. World Mental Health Day – This year I came out with my mental health statuses – Bipolar, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Post Partum Mood Disorder – along with ideas on how to cope with your sexuality if you or a loved one are suffering.
  12. It’s hawt in the kitcken! – I enjoy cooking and I adore getting messy, so this photo essay that Blyss and I put together around the holidays was a ton of fun. It amuses me that I finished showering and mopping the floor just in time for the children to get home from school. This is my glamorous life.

There you have it – 12 posts for 2012, all of my top highs and lowest of lows; essays, erotica, dialogues, and images. I’m proud of all that I’ve accomplished. I hope that you all feel as good about your year in review. May the year to come bring you much love and ecstasy. Happy New Year, 2013!

  • Kyle

    Happy year and happy New Year. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better, through the blog and through emails. Hoping 2013 is the best yet for you and your polycule. Kisses and hugs all around.

  • Kyle

    p.s. that is a damn sexy picture of you, Miss Hawty Hott