Jan 072013

Hand shaped bruiseSunday mornings are one of my favorite times. I get a lot of work done. I usually wake up early, before everyone else. I get a cup of coffee and snuggle into bed with my laptop. Sometimes, like yesterday, I chat over IM with Harold, who is also up early. We just touch base. We tend to get ridiculously mushy. I can’t remember what we were discussing yesterday, but I think it was something that got me kind of turned on. I know I felt happy.

Much later, after the children were awake, I set aside my work and snuggled up to Joel to wake him. Actually, I rubbed myself all over him, hoping to share my sexual enthusiasm. He’s not a morning person, so that didn’t work so much, but I got some good skin-on-skin contact. When he could see straight, I handed him my photos for yesterday’s Sinful Sunday post.

I went back to working. Joel left to feed and water the children. Some time later, I was suddenly aware that a large bulge was moving toward me under the covers! Little kisses were planted up and down my inner thighs. I struggled valiantly to continue working, but then he shifted my panties to one side and started licking my clit. Who wants to work in this circumstance? I put the laptop down.

It was really some of the best oral sex I’ve experienced recently. The boy rocked me with skill. I was totally into it, too. Normally I am very nervous about making love when the kids are home, but I knew they were safe and occupied. I let myself go into the sensations. Joel pressed a finger to the moist opening of my cunt. I squirmed against him, mightily aroused and wanting him in me.

He teased me, slowly letting one finger slide into my pussy, still making slow even flicks with his tongue. I spread my legs wider to accommodate him. My fingers ran over erect nipples, the fabric of my tank top heightening the sensation. I groaned and ground my cunt into his hand while simultaneously trying to lift my clit closer to his mouth. I wanted more.

Joel gave me another thick finger inside. I felt full, stretched. I shyly asked if he minded me using my vibrator. Of course he didn’t mind. With his fingers and the Mystic Wand I came quickly and long. After experiencing every shudder with me, he pulled himself up to his knees, kneeling between my legs.

I took his cock in my hand, rubbing and caressing. I buried just the tip in my slick folds. His eyes closed as he tipped his head back in pleasure. My eagerness to fuck seemed to inspire him more. We were swift to find the easiest way to align ourselves for penetration. That moment when he slowly and firmly pushed his cock inside me was the most delicious. There was a time (that was both too brief and lasted an eternity) where everything was absolutely perfect.

He fucked me hard, hands griping my ankles tightly. I could feel the energy between us build. My g-spot was getting just the right kind of stimulation. I knew Joel was getting close to orgasm too, so I added as much sensation as I could – touching his nipples, making noise, squeezing my cunt around his cock. When he came, he thrust even deeper inside me and tried hard not to cry out.

I think the whole experience took only about 15 minutes. We felt very smug together, happy and relaxed. We resumed our Sunday activities satisfied, but with little fuss. He went off to check on the children, I went back to work. What an ideal work break! It was only later that I noticed the hand shaped bruise on my leg where he gripped me so tight. It’s a reminder of a good time. Working from bed has it’s advantages.