Feb 102013

Perhaps it’s true that pity can get you laid. It certainly seemed to work for Joel today, when I felt so sorry for him that I was willing to drop everything and get him off. Except, that’s not really the story…

See, he had an accident yesterday. We were out on the road, playing around with the children. Joel had a pump scooter and he was racing one of the children who was driving the Green Machine. Suddenly, the handles separated from the base of the scooter and Joel took a header. I was 30 yards away and missed the fall, just that he was up one moment and down the next.

I was scared. He caught himself largely on the balls of his hands, but also smashed his glasses and scraped his face and his knee. He’s basically fine, but for a split second, I wasn’t sure if he had suffered a heart attack or what. It was enough to make me very, very grateful for what I have.

Today Joel’s hands are so bruised and swollen that he can’t do much with them. He’s walking around holding his hands up like a surgeon with sterile gloves. I spent the morning doing my normal busy things, ending half an hour later than I really wanted to get ready for an appointment. About ten minutes before I needed to leave, Joel casually says, “I have an embarrassing question.”

Now, embarrassment can cover a lot of territory, so I asked, “Embarrassing for you or me?” He owned as how it’s likely to be awkward and uncomfortable for us both. I was intrigued. I pushed for him to elucidate, but he simply asked me to go upstairs with him. There, he leaned against the corner and kind of looked at his shoes.

“Well,” he said, “I’m just really horny, and it hurts too much to get myself off. Would you be willing to help me…” He trailed off, but looked at me hopefully. I started laughing. I couldn’t help it. Joel is normally so dominant – sweet, but used to being in charge. Seeing him in this predicament made my love for him well up, but it also struck me as really funny!

Of course I couldn’t let the poor boy suffer that kind of overwhelming desire without surcease. Still chuckling, I took him into the bathroom and had him strip. I took my top off so he could see my breasts bounce because I know that gets to him. I leaned him up against the counter and started on his cock, Realizing almost immediately that lube would improve this experience, I ran back to the bedroom and returned with my hands all goopy.

hand jobIt was a lot of fun having him helpless in my hands, without him being able to reciprocate. I had one flash of being worried about being late and feeling annoyed about doing this, but it quickly faded in the face of his pleasure. Working my hands in various patterns and rhythms, I could soon tell that he was about to blow. I spread my legs so he wouldn’t hit my jeans, and angled his cock at the floor, just as he spurt all over the bathroom tile.

It turns out, I wasn’t late for my appointment, and I got to save the day. It wasn’t actually pity that I felt. I thought that Joel’s vulnerability in asking for what he wanted was very sweet and courageous. I know he isn’t always comfortable in that space. It allowed me to connect with him in a way that is somewhat atypical for us. I enjoy taking care of him. I get where he’s at. Maybe that’s really what is was – sympathy sex.

  • http://twitter.com/joejohnstun Joe Johnstun (SLI)

    Note to self: bruise palms of hands in terrible scooter accident.

    Joel went to the bar that night and high-fived all his friends.