Mar 242013

I’ve become hieny-centric. I’ve always found bottoms attractive, but now a nice ass has me thinking about all of the sexy things I’d like to do. Harold and I have done so much intensely erotic anal play that seeing his naked bum makes me lust after him as much as seeing his cock. I have totally objectified his ass – and why not, it’s gorgeous!

I’ve chosen to share a couple of images that are highly erotic for me, loaded with all of the love and intimacy Harold and I have shared. Sex has created a filter of desire for me, come see this piece of ass through my eyes…


His gorgeous ass

Diving deep



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Sinful Sunday

Mar 202013

Evoe's backHis hand was in my cunt. I was guiding the vibrator on my clit. His other hand strayed to my nipples. This is the easiest way to make me come. We had just done extensive 69, letting the energy cycle and build as we explored each other with hands and mouths. We fucked doggie-style, his balls slapping my clit as he used my hips to thrust himself deeper inside me. It’s one of my favorite positions, but I wasn’t quite ready to orgasm when his release hit. So he flipped me over and went for my g-spot.

Like I said, the g-spot/vibrator/nipple stim combo is a sure way to get me off. It’s also how I squirt or how we go about fisting. It’s often the way we cap off sex, even if I do come during foreplay and/or intercourse. I’m usually good for 2 or 3 more orgasms. I like it a lot – but sometimes I’m not emotionally ready to come.

I enjoy sex the most when I am fully present in my body and my emotions are in sync. Masturbation can sometimes feel very empty to me when it’s just a release in my body and not an emotional release. Sex with partners is almost always a fully integrated experience. I like the physical orgasm, but getting everything lined up feels amazing. Sometimes I can’t even orgasm if not all of me is in alignment.

So even after fabulous mutual oral sex and some fantastic penetrative fucking, some part of me was still holding back. My body was responsive, turned on – my mind hadn’t yet caught up. I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately. I just needed more time.

His fingers inside me were excruciating in their skill. I felt hyper-sensitive. I kept the vibration on my clitoris indirect because it was so intense. My nipples responded to his touch in ways that made me suck in my breath. I tried hard to ride the crest of pleasure peaking in my body, but the horse left the gate without a rider. I came without really wanting to.

That felt kind of bad. I had been trying to orgasm. I wanted release. I ended up feeling like it happened to me rather than for me. Coming like that made me feel like I wasn’t in control of what my body was doing. I can understand why some people are turned on by forced orgasms, but I don’t think it would be my kink. I enjoy the slow build of sensation that drives me forward until I fill up, spill over, and start again. I like that coming makes me feel clean and renewed and closer to my partner.

I decided to ignore that orgasm that was so unsettling and have the orgasm I wanted. It was as though that first orgasm cleared my body of all of the restless stimulation. I felt more grounded, more able to follow the growing arousal. When I came a second time, I was ready. My orgasm and emotions twined together, spilling out in gasps of pleasure and tears.

Evoe's frontWe talked through my experience after everything had settled down. Being able to have these discussions makes me feel seen and validated. I want my partners to know what is going on with me, especially while we are making love. Having energetic (energy aware) sex is very important to me, so communication is vital because my partners are more likely to feel my emotional state during moments of intense connection, like sex. I am less likely to get what I want if I can’t talk about it.

This is what it comes down to for me: Communication is good. Orgasms are good. Coming before you are ready is unsettling, but coming with your whole self is the best thing ever!

Mar 162013


Photo courtesy of Plumptious Pea

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Mar 142013

Fun Factory Stronic ZweiStronic Zwei is a jackhammer of pleasure. Seriously. I’ve just taken to calling it The Jackhammer, as in, “Honey, grab The Jackhammer and let’s have some fun!” In fact, it’s made by Fun Factory (one of my favorite sex toy companies) and they sent us one to try out ahead of their official release in July. We are extremely impressed. This is a high-end, well designed, very effective sex toy.

Zwei is so innovative and different that I don’t know how to describe it. The Stronic line uses new technology to create thrust. Stronic Zwei literally rocks back and forth in your hand. It creates amazing sensations on the prostate and g-spot, although not at the same time. It uses more of a natural fucking motion than a buzz. This is not a vibrator it’s a pulsator, and it’s here to rock your world.

I’m pleased with Zwei’s construction. It’s very solid and can definitely stand up to the repeated thrusting. Counter pressure did not seem to slow the toy down. The one I received is blue, but I suspect that it will also be available in black. Soft medical grade silicone covers the insertable part, with the handle being firmer.

There are three control buttons on the handle, one for power (press FUN) and two to navigate the 10 different pulse cycles (press + or  -). While the buttons are located in a place where you can easily operate them yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right button during use. All of the rhythm pattern options are useful and pleasurable at different times. We had a hard time finding exactly the one we wanted at any given time, but I assume that gets easier with practice. Our favorite is the slowest of the thrusting patterns. An added feature is the ability to key lock the Zwei so it doesn’t go off at an inopportune moment, like during a TSA search.

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei controls and magnetic chargerAlso on the handle are two little magnetic buttons – this is where the charging cord docks. It’s totally easy to use, but be prepared to have to charge your new device overnight (they say not more than 16 hours), as ours needed to be fully charged. That’s always disappointing for me when I want to try something out right away! It has held the charge well so far. We’ve, ahem, tested this product extensively without having to recharge it yet.

And guess what?!? Zwei is fully immersible!  Although I am a little nervous to risk losing such a fantastic toy, I can’t wait to use it in the bath or shower. It just can’t go in the dishwasher. Cleaning has not been a problem though. I simply wash Zwei with soap and water. It would be possible to use it with a condom, use spray on toy cleaner, or cleansing wipes.

One of the brilliant things about the way Stronic Zwei is constructed is the lip at the bottom of the insertable part. It looks kind of like the hilt of a knife, or the protective bit under a torch. Not only does this lip keep Zwei from getting lost in your bottom, it also works to contain any potential mess. Yes, you are probably going to need a fair amount of water-based lube to get this toy into your ass.

Stronic Zwei is fairly girthy. Harold and I enjoy prostate play, but this was bigger than anything we’ve put in his bum so far. We worked up to it without any difficulty, though, once the toy was turned on. The thrusting motion made it slip in easily. In each of us it seemed to be just big enough to have a sexy feeling of fullness without ever becoming uncomfortable. Zwei also has that bend at the tip to deliver pressure to just the right spot. It feels good in my hand. Harold says it’s way the best prostate toy he’s ever experienced (and he’s done some experimenting). As he put it, “Whoever designed this toy really knew what they were doing!”

This toy is perfectly usable by yourself, but I recommend it for partner play. I think it’s easier to operate if you are not in the throes of pleasure, but really, don’t you want to share the intensity of this pleasure with someone you love? I got a huge rush knowing that I was part of the experience when Harold just lay there with his mouth open, moaning. I got to help by playing with his balls and cock. I like to ramp things up. I enjoy watching him writhe.

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei in useFun Factory is marketing Zwei as an anal toy, but generally anything that works on the prostate also is effective at g-spot stimulation. After watching Harold bliss out with the Zwei in his bum a couple of times, I had to try it on myself! I wasn’t disappointed. It feels fantastic. It doesn’t give me the same sensations as Harold’s fingers, but it’s good in a different way. I did use a vibrator on my clit and the combination was perfect. I especially liked coming with the Zwei in, my orgasm contracting against the continuing pulses and bringing me to orgasm again. Awesome!

I don’t know how much Fun Factory is going to retail Stronic Zwei for, but I think we would find a way to buy one, knowing how good it is.

Bottom line: Yes, yes, please yes!

Grade: A

Mar 032013

Fear of rejection

I’m turned on, really in the groove, and I’m fantasizing about the things I hope we’re going to do. I feel open and vulnerable. Normally we would just flow together at this point, but I’m going through an anxious patch. I know that I have him completely, any way I want, but I’m scared. He might betray my trust. I convince myself that he will turn me down. Some part of me believes that he will reject me.

Usually I am great at asking for what I want. I feel free to ask because I trust him to say yes or no as his instincts dictate. It’s totally okay for him to turn me down. I know from experience that if he doesn’t want to engage in some aspect of sex that I am proposing, he will say so gracefully and with love. We are partners. We read each other’s energy pretty well, but that doesn’t mean that we stop talking. Our lovemaking includes a steady dialogue – constantly checking in to make sure we are in sync.

It so frustrating to hit these patches of insecurity on my part. Fear of rejection strangles the flow of energy between us so I’m not able to feel his love wash through me. I stop expressing myself as well as I might, although I think I’m over communicating. My brain gets drunk on fear: I want him so much! I am so turned on! He can’t possibly want me as much as I want him. Why isn’t he connecting with me? He must not want me. He must think that I am too sexual for lusting after him so much. I’m so hurt that he’s rejecting me. I’m going to pull back, keep to myself…

If I go too far down this path, I lose my ability to give honest consent when my partner asks for what he wants. I am so afraid of rejection that I will do whatever I think will make him happy. I want his approval so much, I sacrifice my true desires, even though that’s what he actually wants to connect with. Fear makes us do some some interesting things. I’m working hard to acknowledge my fear without giving it too much power. I need him to be able to trust my yes as well as my no.

I must be sending out the biggest mixed messages right now. We’ve talked through this many times. He’s good to me. This morning he took charge of me, getting right in my face and telling me how much he loves me. Kissing me hard until I started to respond, letting my desire override my fear. He wants me.

The truth is, even when we are in solid trusting relationships with good communication, it can be terribly difficult to ask for what we want. Intimacy is about emotion.  Of course we sometimes feel afraid to reveal the desires that are closest to our hearts. What would we do if the person we love wounded us in that vulnerable place? It seems easier to not take chances.

Working through that fear has been one of the greatest things I’ve done. I’m still occasionally terrified of rejection, but I recognize when I’m afraid. Owning my stuff and practicing good communication skills is immensely helpful, but feelings are going to pop up from time to time. I still need to work through it, reminding myself that I have what I want and everything is okay. The fact that my partner will sit with me while I figure it out means that I get through the emotions faster and back to the sex!

VulnerableSo I keep asking for the wild and perverted things I want. Despite the fear of rejection, it’s empowering to be honest about my desires. I want to share myself in a real and concrete way. I want to be accepted for who I am. Talking about fear of rejection with my partner lets us use the experience to grow together. I choose to open my heart, because I would rather risk injury than never feel love at all.