Apr 182013

Spontaneous sex

Have you ever fucked in the car? Ever needed someone so immediately that you couldn’t wait to get home? Ever fumbled at genitals through clothing, mouths locked, bodies tangled, trying to avoid honking the horn? Ever fog up the windows with your heavy breathing? Ever look back at the experience and wonder how you managed to have such a good time in such an awkward space? Yep, this was me just a few days ago. Ah, the joys of spontaneous sex.

I’ve been going through one of those jags where I am turned on all of the time. I masturbate more, which in turn contributes to my over-all level of horniness. Basically, I sweat sex. I go through my day like normal, but everything takes on new erotic potential – like the errand running trip with my partner that ended in an amorous embrace in the driver’s seat of the car, followed by me bending over the kitchen counter with my pants around my ankles while he pounded into me, and then me riding him until he rug-burned his ass on the living room floor.

I like these spontaneous moments. I like how lust just washes over me and sweeps me away. It’s so clean and simple. I feel powerful and strong with the sexual energy flowing through me. Masturbation is an affirmation of my sexuality. Acting on the attraction I feel for my lovers is confirmation of the goodness of life. Bad things may happen, but so do good things. Really, really good things. It invigorates me to know that I can act on my desire any time I want. It makes grocery shopping or pumping gas seem loaded with erotic potential.

It also helps to shake up our routines a bit, sexual and mundane. I can’t believe how strange it felt it have sex without toys. I actually had to use my fingers to get off because I didn’t have a vibrator on me. I used to do it all the time, but it’s been a long while. My clitoris is sore because it took me so long to come.

Oral sex in the carSudden sex is a hot concept. Look at the old porn trope of the pizza delivery boy getting lured in by the older woman. People like the fantasy of sex just suddenly happening. We want to be swept away in a tide of lust. Maybe for some people that gives them permission to be sexual – it’s not your fault, you got caught up in the moment. Of course, everyone is still responsible for their actions, but why not let yourself feel your desire?

Life is sexual. I don’t want to divide it all up into arbitrary sexy times and not sexy times. I want to live to the fullest – act when I feel sexual, don’t sweat it when I don’t. I give myself permission to have my feelings. And if those feelings lead me to some spontaneously lustful moment? Well, I’ll try not to set off the car horn.