Jun 292013

Going in for a kiss

He holds my face in his hands and my heart leaps up. I close my eyes, letting go of control, melting into him. The strength of his arms creates a bubble of safety. We are meant to be together like this – bodies responsive, muscles balanced between hard and yielding, our embrace igniting mutual desire. We breathe each other’s breath, slow and steady, one, two, three times.

He slowly brings us together. Our lips brush ever so softly. His tongue tickles my upper lip, making me shiver. I press my mouth firm against his. We open to each other, tongues darting in and out.

There is no time but now. Now is all time.

We kiss.

A kiss

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Sinful Sunday

  • Bunny

    Aww that is beyond lovely *swoons*

  • http://beckandherkinks.com/ Beck

    Such and intimate and passionate kiss. Really beautiful.

  • Stella Kiink

    “Now is all time.” I love that.

  • cammies on the floor

    definitely a swooning moment! So romantic and intimate and loving

  • http://rebelsnotes.com/ Rebel’s Notes

    Thanks for sharing such intimate photos :)

    Rebel xox

  • KaziGrrl

    Beautiful depiction of a loving act :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  • Chintz Curtain

    These are beautiful. So passionate and intimate. Thank you so much for sharing them. Jane xxx

  • Molly

    Oh my Evoe these are breath-taking, especially the second one, so full of passion and desire and it made me lean over and ask for a kiss from Sir.


  • http://www.iamannasky.com/ Anna Sky

    Beautiful, intimate images x

  • Harper Eliot

    So very beautiful; there is so much sin and beauty and joy in the simplicity of a kiss…

  • johndstories

    Beautiful; there is so much love in a kiss!

  • ThatPosition

    I love that post:) Love is in the air and passion. Beautiful!!

  • Jade

    What passion! LOVE it.