Jun 142013

His handWaves of orgasm wash over me, making my body shudder and my cunt squeeze around him. I can feel my face and chest flush as pleasure floods my core. As the spasms slow, he puts his hand between my breasts and presses down. My orgasm renews, allowing me to come harder and longer. What is it with the weight of his hand?

Why should his hand pressing on my chest increase my orgasm? I think it has to do with feelings of safety and contentment, as well as suddenly releasing muscular tension. There is something about the weight of his hand that comforts me, like the pressure of a seatbelt. I love it when he rests his hand on top of mine. It’s sweet and protective. I know how capable his hands are, how much pleasure he gives me with his hands. The warmth that radiates from his hand fills me with love. His hand pressing on my chest in the heat of passion puts me over the top.

I think the main reason I come like crazy under the weight of his hand on my chest has to do with some of the research by Masters and Johnson. They found that stomach and chest muscles all tense during orgasm. I believe that firm pressure on my chest just as my orgasm starts to wane releases all of the muscular tension in my chest and translates to orgasmic release. I come longer and harder.

There might also be an aspect of dominance to this laying on of hands. It’s subtle – not enough to make me nervous, just enough to turn me on. His hand claims me, demands my pleasure. My submission is in giving him my body shuddering orgasm.

This is one of those things that we discovered by accident, something he did by instinct once and has continued because it feels right. The results are fabulous, from my point of view. I like that we continue to explore and experiment, even after 6 years together.

My advice for all of you is to explore the things that increase your pleasure, both alone and together. Follow your instincts and be open to receiving pleasure. It may be as simple as the weight of a hand.